కొయ్య చెగోడీలు :)

ఇంటికి ఇనుము — ఒంటికి మినుము.. :) enjoy these crackling snacks on this Diwali.. :)

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OneNote vs EverNote — How Microsoft wins it hands down inspite of gray areas

I am a big fan of Evernote and used it extensively till today. I have more than 100 ‘notes’ in Evernote that keep me going.. Another 10 notes for quick scribbling in SimpleNote. But Microsoft’s OneNote has changed the game completely. I am super impressed with all the features and flexibility in OneNote and I am switching to it this weekend. SimpleNote is good too but its nowhere in the game as they work with only text and they have insurmountable issues with multi-device sync.

Hope my comparison in detail below helps you make the switch too :) and wish the Microsoft works it out in the gray areas :) o yes they are not perfect.
Please feel free to add/comment/counter if you have something to say.

OneNote Evernote
<3 You can type anywhere.. Wow.. Its an unending canvas. Really. :roll:
<3 Whatever you type is a ‘block’ that can be moved anywhere.. Wowow. :roll:
<3 Share the notes with anyone so you can collaborate together. .Free. :roll: This is a pro feature so you have to shed $$
<3 Sections and Pages give you two dimensional flexibility and two layers of categorization. :roll: Only ‘notes’ that are of course endless but you can’t further classify/seggregate them.
<3 Adding tags/margins to text is superb with lotta options. ‘To Do’ items are never organized so efficiently with dynamic checkboxes etc. :roll: Only Tagging available but not superly organized.
<3 IFTTT and many other apps integrated. So when I wake up everyday, I can instantly see my sleep patterns in my notes. Its into GDOC till today, but notes are where I live all the time. :| Not many but I see IFTTT too now.
:| ‘Versioning’ not available‘Versions’ available in web app but not yet in native MAC app ( only SimpleNote does it ) :roll: ‘Versions’ not available ( only SimpleNote does it )
You can now ‘email’ a note  and it appears in the default section. please confirm (Yes! available in Evernote too)
Sync with other devices (Android,Mac,Amazon). O yes. We can. But only Mac.I see it now on Android and Windows too.
:roll: <3 ‘shortcuts’ to recently visited notes
:roll: No ‘custom tags’, No import feature <3 Available.
:evil: Telugu fonts are completely screwed up. Still figuring out. <3 Evernote is much better.

thanks for coming here,


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our first pumpkin art work

I wanted to do a zombie bat but it came out smiling ;):P

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when you are bored with wheels

you invent unwheels ;):P

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poetic mornings

winter morning lazy sunday
cozy bedding, no school today
sleepy eyes in dreamy thoughts
crazy dad to play with all day :)

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golden warriors

pungent ginger pickle is cornered alone by the golden warriors from all sides but they all lost in the end ;):P

hail ginger :)

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King of all south-Indian tiffins

Ghee-smeared Idli that fumes fresh off the oven, but melts like a butter ball in your mouth… served with flavored onion chutney and very spicy mint chutney… um yummy! No doubt Idli is the King of all south-Indian tiffins :)

so healthy.. so tasty!

so healthy.. so tasty!

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Divine Pongal

When was the last time,

your nose picked up the aroma of fresh ghee,

your tongue indicated the texture of rice, chickpeas, curry leaves and mirchi, nicely tempered along with a hoard of indian spices,

your teeth crushed the golden friend cashew nuts;

your throat burned with the flavor of black pepper;

you closed your eyes, gulped the spoonful of this ancient Indian recipè, bent the head backwards and said ‘Wah!’ ?

When was it?

Yeah its not Rice Pongal

Yeah Its not Rice Pongal

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Elephant and your friends


hello everyone.. i want to tell you all a small story.. I am sure you know this one but I am just making a funny tricky conclusion in the end that might help us all..
It goes like this: Once upon a time, there were 3 blind men who wanted to go check how an elephant looks like.. They took the permission of the mahout and went ahead to touch it..
The first man who was touching the trunk of the elephant said that the elephant looks like a fat rugged water pipe..
the second man was at the legs and he said the elephant looks like a big pillar with rough surface..
the third man was at the tail and he said the elephant looks like snake with a hairy head…
then they all went home happy and yelling at each other about their new victory of knowing what an elephant is..
So how this story relates to our day-to-day life is that we make all assumptions about the other people around us without fully understanding their complete personalities.. We don’t have time to go through our neighbor’s or a colleague’s entire life, his experiences, his burnouts, his failures, his skill set, and his positives, negatives etc.. we just make opinions and we live happily within our own shell.. On top of it all, we have people who help us make opinions about others.. I will talk about them separately..

In the end, I think this is all wrong.. we shouldn’t be doing it.. right? So, lets open our eyes to this beautiful world and stop being a blind man who defines the elephant with his hands..
I hope you liked the story and the message at the end.. Lemme know .. bye bye.


thanks for listening.


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you live in the past when you can’t fight it now.
you live in the future when you don’t like it now…
but my friend.. now is the time you bundle your past to fire the shuttle of your dreams
and shoot it into your future to reach all those crazy streams..
…. now… just NOW.

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To a new Library!


I don't know and know that I don't know.

I don’t know and know that I don’t know.

If women are novels and men are magazines , then yes I moved to a new library called California, for higher studies ;)

Literally I am just a few blocks away from the Fremont Main Library and it was the second most important thing I was searching for in there. Now you know where to find me on the weekends.

And by trying to read every book that I come across, may be, I am frantically trying to discover ways that change myself for better, for good, all the time.  :?


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everything is special in this world

Meet Balios.

Meet Balios.


Meet Balios.

He was my horse in many wars. He has an identity for himself. His chin always faces the Sky and his silencer stands proud. He weathered many storms. He ran with the Wind. He has seen life. He loved the Elements but was never sick, not even a sneeze. He loves his master and his master loves him double.

NoNo.. He is not of a Harley breed ;):P hehe


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You don’t have to fight with anyone, ever!

bites of wisdom

.. bites of wisdom

Now, I don’t actually fight with anyone anymore so i dont waste my precious brain cycles.  Because these two words can save me from any fight:

If it’s my wife:

I oblige

If it’s my manager:

I appreciate

If it’s my kid:

Thank you

With any other stranger:

Bye bye (polite)    OR   Fuck off (more personal) :p

….. And I don’t fight with my friends..  All in all.. Its a simple life you know.

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Its just a nameplate for everyone… But:

Its a book that compiles all my life into two words..
its an unsung symphony that only a few have known..
its a forgotten era of one tiny monarchal empire..
Its my tribute to a long lost dream…



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One reason why companies fail or their products flounder!

Intelligence can be cultivated… Hard-work can be farmed… Talent, Leadership, Aptitude and 100 other productive traits can very well be groomed, bred and gardened.  Even ‘Creativity‘ can be mined. But there is one characteristic thats just inherited and exhibited but can never be inculcated.. Most companies fail and their products flounder when they miss to appreciate this one innate instinctive impulse in their employees.


Yes, there are only a few souls in today’s competitive market that actually speak their mind out. A very few would push back something that is crappy but which is being forced onto them by a sole virtue of autocratic authority. Rest of the sheep would just accept and only make things worse by continuing to build stupid products and latching onto them until everything burns down to ashes.

Should I tell you the wonderful story of “the Emperor’s new clothes?” hahaha Its OK.. So the next time when you meet with someone who is talking straight, please don’t hesitate to jump and lock the lips ;) :) :P

thanks for reading. Pl lemme know what you think.

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