everything is special in this world

Meet Balios.

Meet Balios.


Meet Balios.

He was my horse in many wars. He has an identity for himself. His chin always faces the Sky and his silencer stands proud. He weathered many storms. He ran with the Wind. He has seen life. He loved the Elements but was never sick, not even a sneeze. He loves his master and his master loves him double.

NoNo.. He is not of a Harley breed ;):P hehe


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You don’t have to fight with anyone, ever!

bites of wisdom

.. bites of wisdom

Now, I don’t actually fight with anyone anymore so i dont waste my precious brain cycles.  Because these two words can save me from any fight:

If it’s my wife:

I oblige

If it’s my manager:

I appreciate

If it’s my kid:

Thank you

With any other stranger:

Bye bye (polite)    OR   Fuck off (more personal) :p

….. And I don’t fight with my friends..  All in all.. Its a simple life you know.

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Its just a nameplate for everyone… But:

Its a book that compiles all my life into two words..
its an unsung symphony that only a few have known..
its a forgotten era of one tiny monarchal empire..
Its my tribute to a long lost dream…



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One reason why companies fail or their products flounder!

Intelligence can be cultivated… Hard-work can be farmed… Talent, Leadership, Aptitude and 100 other productive traits can very well be groomed, bred and gardened.  Even ‘Creativity‘ can be mined. But there is one characteristic thats just inherited and exhibited but can never be inculcated.. Most companies fail and their products flounder when they miss to appreciate this one innate instinctive impulse in their employees.


Yes, there are only a few souls in today’s competitive market that actually speak their mind out. A very few would push back something that is crappy but which is being forced onto them by a sole virtue of autocratic authority. Rest of the sheep would just accept and only make things worse by continuing to build stupid products and latching onto them until everything burns down to ashes.

Should I tell you the wonderful story of “the Emperor’s new clothes?” hahaha Its OK.. So the next time when you meet with someone who is talking straight, please don’t hesitate to jump and lock the lips ;) :) :P

thanks for reading. Pl lemme know what you think.

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How to clean your mind in two minutes?

Everyday we wake up and clean our nails, tails, skin, bowels and all possible physical systems.. But there is nothing we do to clear our mind of yesterday’s crap. To get rid of all the bullshit, pain and dirt of the past, we do nothing.

That’s why perhaps our ancestors have proposed the concept of religion and God, tried to make you believe in it and then let you sit down in whether you call it puja, prayer or any other ritualistic procedure that tunes your mind into a good frame and frequency, then quell all evil from within first.

Say the few words everyday and see the difference!

Say the few words everyday and see the difference!

As for me, the closest I can go to this ideal  goal of mind cleaning is by prayer and meditation. I know it’s complicated or a funky thought for many but what I do is simple. Everyday I wake up to kneel down, close my eyes and say this:

Thank you God for giving me good food and good sleep last night.  Thank u for giving me one more day to spread goodness.  Thank you for keeping me away from all the evil spirits and presenting me with a wonderful company of good people.  Please bless me, my family, my friends and my world with your Love and Direction. Yesterday that person was crying in agony.  Please bless him and show him a way…

It goes on like this for few minutes and I open my eyes to a calmer world, cooler weather and a better society.

I don’t know what all psychological changes it does inside me but it helps. Try it yourself.  And if you don’t believe in God then pronounce your own name there but never miss the prayer.

I clearly felt my mind being cleaned by doing this.  Cleanliness is DIVINE.

Hope that helps you too. God bless.


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my will

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The greatest tool you have and what to use it for!

mind is a monkey yeah! I know! but...

mind is a monkey yeah! … I know! but…

  1. Imagine you have a long and sharp needle that is stronger than a diamond so it can pierce through anything.
  2. Imagine you also have a blessed ninja sword  that can cut anything into two.
  3. Imagine you own a powerful bomb that can blast anything into pieces.

What would you do with all of them?

Actually your mind is a combination of all these in one and practically more potent than these all together.

Use it to find answers to the problems in this helpless world.  Use it to reason it out when in despair. 

Use it to find ways in darkness.  Use it for the individual and common good. 

But don’t waste it please.

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red velvet is the best cake i have tasted so far :)

Never knew that the neighborhood Glen’s Bakehouse is one of the best in Bangalore.. As chance would have it, I got my hands on the tastiest piece of cake… Red Velvet..a vanilla and hazelnut recipe…  um.. yummy! yummy! yummy! Am an instant fan now :)

red velvet -- a vanila and hazelnut recipe

red velvet — a vanila and hazelnut recipe


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breakfast heaven :)

breakfast heaven

Steelcut oats with walnut and banana topping.. oregano’ed wheat bread toast and an omelette treated in premium olive oil and laden with mushroom, cheese n red/green/yellow peppers.. :) you should be here :) Full Credits: Head Chef Satish

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First step to success!!!

first step to success!!!

and thats the beginning of a long walk to a better end!!!

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Friendship, heartache and happiness — How to know who your friends are?

Friendship just happens.  Like that dew on those petals.

Friendship just happens. Like that dew on those petals.

Many years back, a wise man told me:
“Few of your friends would stay close to your heart for all eternity. Be extremely careful in choosing him if you want to be his real friend, because once you are in, you should be able to share his ideas n life without a second thought to who/what or why he is, what he did or does.. “

Thats a time I usually confused my acquaintances with friends.  I was not knowing what specifically defines friendship or what choice I ever had in it.  When did the last time I exactly choose someone to be my friend? Is he my friend if I had spent half my years with him?  What if he turns out to be an asshole? Can we actually accept someone without those second thoughts? .. so many questions, alas! as usual there is no one to answer.. 

Those all who had just passed the ‘time’ with me, slowly faded into oblivion.  Together with whom I spent some boat loads of ‘money’, are no longer seen.. It didn’t matter whether I was rich or poor, but neither a relation nor a friend has ever stayed back if it was not built on certain something.. a certain something that defied all logic and material flavors. It was NOT time, money, college or lineage for sure, but I didn’t exactly know how I had that bunch of souls so close to my heart and I continued to puzzle over this nagging stream of thought for many years, though was silently taking my own notes to answer the eternal question: “What is friendship?

Then I sat down one day and decided to study my own life to come up with a proof or disproof of what that wise man told me.  To reverse-engineer the answer objectively. I reread my old diaries. I recollected my oldest memories. I rang up the most unusual numbers in my phone for endless discussions.  I relived all my secrets once again and remembered all those who could be knowing them and those who could’ve disclosed (badly)… and what not!  Then, I compiled all the information that can help me answer the question and tried to practically derive a list of people whom I can call ‘friends’.  I tried hard to be neutral to each one of them and to myself.  The big exercise was ON:

I started with my favorite thumb rule first.. ’the rule of elimination’:
he is NOT my friend, who couldn’t respect my choice;
he is NOT my friend, whose decisions are based on my age, color, creed or ethnicity; 
he is NOT my friend, just because his friend is my friend; 
he is NOT my friend, who cannot forgive; 

and a little philosophy too teased me here:
he IS my friend, but  I am not guaranteed to be his friend at the same time; 
he IS my friend, but he can still have some secrets of his own;
he IS my friend, but he can have his own life and choices;

At this point, I had some clarity… I plodded further with determination…  I ruled out all assumptions about character and ego…  I gave out brownie points generously… I scrutinized human behavior with humility… This went on for many weeks. Its still going on. It never ends, I know.

To this day, a million people touched upon me when only a few – yes – stayed put and the rest walked away.  So when I look back now, I was a normal man all the way, nothing really great about me, but I am so proud of those few, who stayed in spite of all that is ‘me’.. all that is normal or abnormal… all that is cynical or positive.. or whatever.   They make me happy even when we don’t see each other in years.. even when we don’t speak to each other for a long time. They push me for better every minute, every day.

And every time I thought I don’t have to be cautious in making friends, unfortunately, some buddy would prove me wrong.  I laugh at myself, I laugh at my occasional pain … and I move on. I won’t lose hope you know and keep building my list. I hesitate but I keep making new friends.  

and I proudly shout it aloud: “Friendship is Divine”.  Because its my friends who made me what I am today.  I was impossible sometime back.

Thanks for reading to the end, my friend!


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winehiskey crumbs — this century’s most daring delicacy invention

Presenting you this century’s most daring delicacy invention.. winehiskey crumbs..
Brown Bread… golden fried in ghee, slighly dipped in dilute sugar syrup,  sautèd in home-made grape wine and splashed with the greatest ever Bourbon, Jim Beam…
Full credits to the Execute Chef from the otherly world of imagination: satishkv@
Thats so damn good delicious :) #sunday #experiment

winehiskey crumbs... O' yeah! :)

winehiskey crumbs.. O’ yeah! :)

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quinoa upma… and thats curry leaf salad for hardcore-herbivores

lip-smacking ghee laden quinoa upma… and thats curry leaf salad for the hardcore-herbivores :)

Recipe courtesy: @satish.vanimisetti — Thanks buddy! Its so delicious :)

Salad courtesy: me..me..me..  :)

quinoa upma and curry leaf salad for hardcore herbivores

o yeah! hardcore herbivores :)

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Sky is the limit, but…

Sky is the limit, but..

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reading habit :: how it influenced the wolves and swans inside me

shell ganesha

In this pic, some see God and some an animal shell but I see an Imagination, a power of thought that transformed a shell into God who then was placed on this pedestal and revered everyday

I was a bad guy many years back, unimaginably bad. I was lonely by force & then by will. I was rude whenever the world interacted with me. I reveled in barbarian hierarchies and activities. I believed bruteforce could be a sure-shot solution for anything and everything. I never had a formal guru in my life.  I thought all that was spoken to me was truth. At one point of time, no one was talking good stuff and everyone around me was a mere mortal and almost all my friends were pre-occupied with the very common chores of daily life.  Together we all believed in flesh & muscle. 

But prior to that, there was one good thing that already happened to me by Divine Providence. I was born into a family of teachers and all my elders, though normal, were knowledgeably elite and believed its the ‘reading habit’ that can evolve one’s soul.  Its now clear to me that they intentionally provided me with lots and lots of books. As a child I grew up devouring tens of books every month, first they were just baby stories, later mythological and slowly the wisdom books, philosophies, biographies, magazines, newspapers, mysteries, fiction then what not, as I grew. I was not leaving unread even a paper piece that flew to me in a public park. That habit immensely improved my capacity to imagine. I could just close my eyes and see a whole new world in front of me. My teenage dreams were more vivid and colorful every passing day and I used to have saints, kings, queens and brave soldiers frequenting my sleepy realms. Animals and birds were talking to me  and levitation was a common practice. I often had dreams which were sequential, that they end at one point this day and continue from the very point later the next week. Each dream was so involving, that I maintained a diary to write up my dreams as soon as I wake up. An intense desire to record all tiny details but the fear of losing them made me sometimes write blindly in the diary without even opening my eyes, without even waking up from my bed.

Later, as fate would have it, I lost my family and was drawn into a different world of wildly beasts. As fragile and vulnerable a mind in its late teens could be but with enormous imaginative skills and with a huge cerebral bed of vast bookish knowledge, I ventured into a contrasting world of pure muscle power… None of the books I read till that date were holding true.  Not a single verse I read till then was helping me confront the hard reality.  I was all alone fighting and I started failing to imagine something that is not hungry, not rude, not brutal.  But the reading part never subsided and I indulged in stuff that kept me going.. stories that talk of beastly achievements, the folklores of brunt killings.. the hard triumphing over the soft.. dragons and draculas, blood and gory tales.. oh! it is in this phase, that I later realized there are more narrations in this world to divert a mind completely to a wrong point than the right one. So, in this phase, like the stuff i was reading and was living, I also reached the nadir of my fall too as a person.

I then started realizing that my biggest problem was not anyone else but my own self. One divine day, when realization dawned on me, I abruptly left all the dungeons behind and decided to fly away to distant places where there is abundant light and where there is knowledge. I have flown so hard that I was out of breath but the dark seas below kept me going, I was out of energy but the silver shores kept me inspired,  I was out of money but the musty smell of books pushed me forward.  Yes, I stand where I am because I have decided to come back by ‘reading’.. I did my Post Graduation that gave me new opportunities, it may sound more academic, but behind the scenes, it was my habit that changed my life back to better shapes again.  And of course, the invaluable people who pour life into you and show you direction. 

Now, standing here, I believe in the power of mind than the muscle. I still have a few issues with myself even today.. but I started shedding all that is bad and I stand a much cleaner person now. I attribute all this to those wonderful books I read:

Some books, you have to read early in life..
Some others, you have to read again when you are old…
And some more, you have to read once every decade and see how different they are to read again..

But the morale of the story is that you have to be ‘reading’ all the time.. and constantly try to implement the good stuff you learnt, flounder in your efforts, make mistakes, become a fool, go back to your books, reread and try again.. all this in cycles all your life.. :) 

Nowadays there are many authors who spew venom in the form of refined words than writing something in a neutral way.. we should be choosy in what we read or at least be able to discern good from bad. But, falling back to the ancient wisdom is always safer.  ‘The Holy Gita’ is a management master piece, before the commercial TV channel publicized it. Every time I read a page from this spiritual epitome, I wonder how magnificent the verse and meaning are. I believe ‘The Holy Bible’ has an answer for everything. I keep reading excerpts from ‘The Holy Quran’ that describe the subtlest beautifies in living a fruitful life. And to the innumerable scripts out there, its only for the reader to pick them up and change his own life. We as a modern civilization is not giving due respect to the ancient wisdom and truly missing the essence that is already available condensed, there by continue to wait for answers when life makes it complex.  May be its time we encourage each other, every family member and all our friends to go back to this wonderful habit of ‘reading’… say one hour a day? Read whatever you want but remember ‘you are what you read:)

I still have the wolves inside me run in Brownian motion.. and the swans graciously moving in peaceful waters on the other side.. But there is one thing in common to both of them… ‘reading’. And I picked up the ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ for the third time and its a different book than what I read a decade ago. 

thanks for coming here and patiently reading it all,

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