వెన్న మురుకులు

Packed with energy, this traditional snack made with fine grained black grams, lot of butter, generous amounts of ajwain with the rice flour base., is an instant hit and a childhood memory for every generation of tired kids.

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Time Machine – do you want to relive life?

I don’t want to go back in time and relive my life making different choices than that made me what I am today.

You may wonder why. If you can go back in time, you can consciously avoid the mistakes you did, you can make better choices, end up in a better position, so why not? Haha, thats where I am different. Its not that my life was/is filled with roses.

But still, I somehow like the way I have gone thru it all. I liked that pain in the ass. I liked those pleasures on the beach. I loved everyone who touched my heart. I admire the people who loved me in spite of my short comings. Looking back now, I started loving those who ever even hated me.

Wow. It was and is a wonderful life you know. If I go back and change at least a minutest of those things, then this entire path will differ and I may never get to see those flowers I have already seen, those cute faces, those sunsets and sunrises, those seashores and valleys, those daemons in the dark alleys, those few successes and the many failures, those wonderful strangers I have met in the remotest of places and the thoughts we have shared, those unbelievably nice men who are otherwise so unnoticeably common but are angels from my tiny past.. oh! They are what all made me what I am today. I can be grateful to them only by not reliving in a different way. So, I don’t want a Time Machine. No, thanks.

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how to determine whether something is good or bad?


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fresh air magic

If both the kids and the veteran too were cheerfully leading the 2.6 mile #Hillside #Trail and finished quickly, then there is certain something inspiringly fresh in the #muir #woods national park :)


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నువ్వు – నీ నీడ

నువ్వు - నీ నీడ

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what makes this short drive to a superb californian beach so special?

Half-Moon-Bay on a Full Moon Day

Reach there by afternoon, wait for the sunset and return late to see the Silver God in full bloom over the hwy 280 that glistens like a diamond necklace on your dream girl.. Not to mention the wonderful beach with crackling waves and a milky white horizon. Next time, I will plan a full night camping here on a full moon day. Couldn’t really return so early, but for the kids.

Another little jewel in my roadtrip kitty :) and my #subaru #outback? Just loving it.


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jowar roti (sorghum tortilla) served with crushed raw garlic-onion-mirchi

Do you see the yummy glow from the hand-rolled jowar roti (sorghum tortilla) served along with rock-crushed raw garlic-onion-lemon-mirchi in the sides and spinach-potato-spice-curry...? yey! I got it so well the very first time.. yes yes I made them all except the spinach curry :) #great #old #indian #village #tradition #recipe

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serious life lessons from my chessboard

I bet you can’t ignore these wits of wisdom from a simple board comprising of 2 teams, 6 unique characters and 64 alternating squares of color giving us an uncomprehending list of possibilities.

1. whatever happens, what’s next?

ups and downs, fuckups and flowers are all part of life. There is no point in getting bogged down by a setback. Pick your pieces together and take the next step. Don’t lose your heart and hope, until the flag is down :) yes literally until the flag is down. Anything can change for better at any point of time.

2. one man army!

Its not just a phrase from any book. When you half close your eyes and stare at the board for hours at a stretch OR you go out into this concrete jungle and earn your daily bread, its all the same game. You are a one-man-army not fighting with anyone else but your own self.

If you can hear your mind thinking about the hundred possible ways of a win or loss, I am sure it makes you a calmer better person.

It weeds out the random behaviour from your daily routine. You become more and more silent, organized and disciplined as you realize your own limits.

3. patience is a virtue+++

I have to wait for my move.. and even when its my move, i actually have to wait a lot to make it.. If you don’t already know that long hours of wait time can factually burn you from inside, then you are a lucky guy.  Be patient always and believe in the cosmic benevolence. Respect the clock and respect the clock because impatience only insults the rotating hand.

4. you Vs. rest of the world..

This is the classic part of it all and I am not cynical, sardonic or preachy. There is only one you in this world and many a time, you will be left alone fighting your own war. And the whole world may stand against you. That would actually be the moment to prove your mettle. Fight it out with a smile. Rogue relations, sour friends, dumb managers, stupid neighbors, dirty drivers and junk Js are always there around you and will always be. What best you make out of them is what matters in the end.

5. loss is part of life :)

Many players have beaten me black and blue. On the board and off too.  I very well understood that I am a mere speck of sand on an endless ocean shore. In fact I have reached a point where I peacefully convinced myself that a loss is part of life. I can’t imagine myself without it. Neither would I be disappointed if I bump into my next ditch.

6. tourney OR a game?!#$

you may lose individual games but life is like an endless tourney. Its ok.. move on.. People won’t recognize you right on the first day first hand shake. You don’t get your dream salary from the very first month.. Dream girls are a myth. Owning a house in California is a mirage.. ;):P Keep going.  Thats the only best thing you can do. And when your flag is down in the end, no one would actually bother about the number of your wins or losses anyway. :P

Agree? Thanks for reading.


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first day of the future grand masters!!!

Here’s to you to ‘like’ the beginning of a future GrandMaster duo.. :) who knows? :) And they also have a trainer who was an unsung champion of the most intensive mind sport ever invented by humans..

first day of the future grand masters!!!//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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I detest YellowStone killing the bear

My heart goes out for the hiker (ranger?) ‘Lance Crosby’ who was killed by a bear in the middle of a forest.
And my heart goes out for the female grizzly who was killed by men in the middle of a civilized, most advanced, world’s best, noble democracy called the USA.

This is ridiculous, stupid and plain bull shit, YELLOWSTONE.. YOU CAN”T KILL THE BEAR..

1. Why kill?

Their official response:

We have limited options for relocating bears. Relocation can shift a management issue from one area to another, and there is nowhere to relocate a bear that it won’t eventually encounter people. Bears also have a strong fidelity to their home range and will usually return to it. Adult bears typically don’t do well in zoos or similar facilities because of the drastic change in lifestyle and habitat.

Thats not a reason enough to kill the grizzly. So killing her is convenient for you, less of a hassle and management, least of the cost? If this bear tasted human blood and may kill more, then you can send her too to the zoo as well as her cubs.

2. Did you give her a fair trial?

Did you see if the hiker provoked her intentionally or accidentally? What did the bear say when we asked her why she killed the man? How would the hiker be penalized for hiking alone and without carrying the bear spray/repellents? <disbelief>Ah! and was he a ranger himself? </disbelief> Did you take the witness of the cubs into the proceedings? Did we kill EVERY murderer who has ever killed another man? Same argument sounds so reasonable, no?

3. How many more will you kill?

When the human race is invading into the animals’ territories everywhere, how many more of them will you kill? And just because you could capture her? Because its convenient for you? Who framed this law? Why aren’t anyone talking against it?  And what is the difference between a bear killing man, and a man killing bear? oh God! Where do we stand as a civilization?

4. F*u*c*k you. I ban this national park.

Yellowstone spokeswoman Julena Campbell said the cubs, if captured, would be killed or adopted by a zoo or rehabilitation center.

wow! great… I pity the cubs. I had many plans to visit this beautiful national park  but I am cancelling all, until you get rid of this stupid law.  I may just be one visitor for you, but yes I will not visit this foolishly beautiful place. I didn’t observe till today that your name resounds #stone #age

I Pledge.  And I would pray for the man who was killed by the bear.. and the bear who was killed by the man.

5. Counter arguments/philosophies:

  1. If a man intentionally jumps into a bear ring in a zoo and gets killed, will you kill that bear too? because you should, with the reasons you have given above.
  2. Did you ask the family members of Lance Crosby if they would give mercy to the mother bear?
  3. When was this law framed? What was the basis and the input data? How relevant is it today? Do we have similar laws in all other national parks? For all other animals? huh! I see bear on the flag of California after all and we kill them officially.
  4. What could you have done if a group of bears ate him? Kill them all, A**oles?
  5. Did you submit an alternative theory? Did the Judiciary oversaw the euthanization? What if he was killed in a fight, assault, mistaken animal behaviour or by other means and the bear only just ate him? How do we know if some other man didn’t intentionally kill him and put him with the bear?
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జీవితం ఒక దోశల దొంతర

జీవితం ఒక దోశల దొంతర

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why probably many people never succeed

why probably many people never succeed

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because maturity

because maturity

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“Quiet Poem”

quiet poem

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AAA!! not insurance.. Its about a life style!

What is so proud to be a premier member of the American Automobile Association (AAA)?

Its not about some insurance or your car towing… Its all about a life style. What a century of automobile enthusiasm can do to your roads, your roadtrips, your preparation and to your take home experience. Their history first impressed me, their member discounts are unparalleled, and the amount of travel data they have is just mind blowing.

Today I heard over the FM radio that they are giving a sleeping bag for anyone who takes a free quote. I went there to ask one for me as I am just a few days old member. They happily gave me one but thats not all. I wanted few location maps for my future trips and was just overwhelmed with the material given to me by the lady executive in the counter.  It could have otherwise taken many days of my Internet time, don’t you forget your inability to print large paper maps nor how hard it is to compile a handy list of reliable hotels and services.. And not to mention their DMV services, movie tickets, shopping discounts and car rentals..

So I think AAA is not just your car insurance company… AAA is everything about travel… Its about a life style!!!


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