how great are you?



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మనిషి జీవితం మూడు పదాల్లో

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I laav mushrooms

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Jowar Masala Dosa

winter morning, warm sun.
dosa makes your breakfast fun :)

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Are you a complete man?

If you eff yourself up everyday, then u are already half a man..If you can learn the lesson and vow never to repeat then you are a complete man..

But at least you are better than all the zombies living around who do not even give it a try but cozily live the rest of their lives seldom doing anything ever with their body or mind.. Huh.

Am at least trying!

Am at least trying!

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whatz a simple yet gratifying thing you can do?

Plant a seed :) and watch it growing.

And a win-win if you grow your kitchen’s common spices on your own :) Yes! Our large patio now has a purpose :)

first shoots of fenugreek.. just the beginning :)

first shoots of fenugreek.. just the beginning :)

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my obsession with the man who took the first step

To go to America and shake hands with him.

That was my dream. He was my Hero. As a teen, I always wanted to meet him and just shake hands once. Here is a short video that explains why he is so famous and how he achieved it.  Admire you Neil! You braved the most fascinating yet terrifying vacuum and gave us a new possibility, opened a new door.


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VADA Science

Andhra’s staple food that is a science in itself. Simple to prepare yet very tough to get it right, energy warehouse for all ages, delicious in many varieties and is a true signature of whoever makes it. From grinding the lentils well aerated to mellifluously folding them in shape, from uniformly frying em golden yellow to nicely soaking all in full fat curds n spices, VADA is one dish that always gets all guts on :)

Back by popular demand for a potluck :) and of course it would go on stage as Dahi Vada today :)



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why you should relish your food?

ఘుమఘుమలాడే మష్రూమ్ మసాలా కర్రీతో వేళ్ళు చురుక్కుమనే వేడి వేడి రొట్టెలు .. రండి మా ఇంటికి. మీదే ఆలస్యం :)

I ain’t explaining here the science behind how your finger tips pick up the heat signals from what you eat, but relishing your food is an important part of any day. Of course, its not about over eating, but eating the right proportions, the right variety, the right spices, right ingredients, right recipe and the big deal, the right taste. If only you love your food that you can appreciate who cooked it, who processed it, who farmed it and every one who made it possible for you to see it in your plate.
Not seen in this video are a bowl of rice mashed in amla pickle and ghee, a cup of full fat curd, bunch of olives for sides and a glass of clean water… If only you can appreciate all this :) Enjoy your food.

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Are we the last few?

If you find it easier to be passionate than logical, then you are my type.
Welcome to the world of trouble, misunderstanding, denial and rejection… and finally Success!! :)

If you wanna soar, its gonna be lonely sure.

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దాచినదంతా పంచెయ్

pl don’t mind the crude recording, out of rhythm fervor and impassionate satire.. ;):) just grab the meaning and lemme know your feedback ;):)

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space kids

The half minute video I submitted to the ‘Vimeo Weekly Challenge’ today in ‘call for action’ category on any subject :)

space-kids from balu on Vimeo.

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spicy hot pepper sauté

The strong flavor of black pepper is perfect for a cold winter day and best for your numb limbs :)

warm up folks!

warm up folks!

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Beginning of a life!

Yes, Curiosity is the beginning of a life! A life worth living.

I don’t know how many of you look at the stars in a night sky and wonder about what lies behind that curtain of silence and what awaits us beyond that layer of scintillating darkness. But when I do, it always puzzles me. I ask myself a hundred questions and then I stand up and go try answering them one by one. I might have already lost the opportunities to see myself as an explorer scientist or whatever, but I have decided to give my kids a fair chance to be curious.. To be curious of everything around us and then choose their own path to find their own answers. I don’t plan to leave them any inheritance other than spending all my fortunes to develop a sense of eagerness that would eventually let them begin a life. A life worth living!!!

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bridge hair cut

Dedicating to all the bridges we have visited in the last week+ ;) :P

Bixby, Bigsur, Rocky Mountain, Golden Gate, Baylands, Richmond and what not in California.. :)

Actually, I like bridges.. because they connect two otherwise separated end points.. they make the travel possible.. and there is so much I can blabber about it philosophically, but not with this pic :P

my hair.. my likes


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