tickling trek to the Alameda’s highest — mission peak


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home made organic veggie burger

evenin quick bite..  only the bread, onions, tomato, cheese strips n the veg patty r bought but organic of course :) ;) :P

evening quick bite - home made organic veggie burger

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bitter-gourd-sesame-spice-chutney (కాకర కాయ నువ్వుల పచ్చడి)

Its a bitter bliss :) A cup of white rice served with a spicy chutney made with the bitterest of gourds, sesame seeds and the flavorsome asafoetida.

bitter-gourd-sesame-spice-chutney (కాకర కాయ నువ్వుల పచ్చడి )

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vermicelli magic

probably the most taken-for-granted delicacy magic… vermicelli upma :)

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ఉల్లి పకోడీ

చలచల్లని చలి గాలుల్లోనూ ఉడుకుల వేసవి సాయంలోనూ
కాలాతీతం కావ్యోద్దీపం వెచ్చని పచ్చని ఉల్లి పకోడీ
వద్దనగలమా కాదనగలమా వద్దని కాదని వదిళెళ్ళడమా
ముందరి కాళ్ళకు బంధం వెయ్యదె వెచ్చని పచ్చని ఉల్లి పకోడీ.
ఉల్లి పకోడీ

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నిజంగా బతకటం కోసం

నిజంగా బతకటం కోసం

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Bay Area’s best road-trip and my new record 2137 miles, Yey!

Now I know why the American road-trips are a cult. This is one such beautiful trip starting from Bay Area and circling through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park then back home. The kind and variety of landscapes we have seen are just mind blowing.
From an urban suffocation driving through an agricultural vastness into the world’s entertainment capital that leads into a desert dry-land full of neon ecstasy which sits adjacent to a snowy mountain that makes a huge lake which befriends a deep forest hosting the world’s tallest granite rock that pushes down a slenderly beautiful water fall.. wow.. all in a single trip :)  
Thanks to a beasty Ford Expedition and its V6 Engine that made it a breeze and my trip a true pleasure with the 8 souls inside sitting comfortably watching the 3D world changing around them all the while :)
These 2137 miles also make my new record roadtrip, overwriting the old 1200 miles :) Yey!
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they walk


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friedrice & manchurian

mushroom fried-rice, soy dried veggie manchurian with raw mint, carrot and asparagus… and the heart-shaped melons are the special dessert for today :)

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sunday platter green

aloo-spinach,  mushroom-peas-capsicum simmered in mild aromatic spices, ajwain seasoned brussels sprouts and raw cocktail cucumber with multi-grain rotis :) yummy yummy come join us :)

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yummushroom noodles

mint, cilantro, mildly stewed portabellas with some raw monterays :) and the result is yummy yummy :)

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Discourage bullying

Dedicating to Lizzie Velasquez, Monica Lewinsky and the likes for what all they withstood.

Please stop bullying, stop cyber bullying, stop professional bullying and discourage, resist and report whenever you find it happening.

Who knows you would be saving the savior of the world.

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great words from a great cook

Listening to the famous Chef Thomas Keller yesterday in the campus was so inspiring. Wanna know what lead him from a dishwasher to SEVEN grand Michelin Stars? #goosebumps

organization; efficiency; critical feedback; repetition; rituals; team work;

It was a certain feast for me when he explained each of these that gives me little more clarity in grasping where men fail whatever their field of work is, how teams flounder however ambitious their goals are, and in fact why success dates only a few.


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tintin hair style

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Respect the small

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