hiking Mount Baldy

I took the Ski-hut-trail to the peak and then the Devil’s backbone to come down. It may look like a normal hike of 10-11 miles but the ascent is an unpaved steep trail filled with boulders and occassional shade. And its the descent I found very dangerous as the Devil’s backbone is nothing but a sharp ridge with deep valleys on both sides. Add some bad weather and poor visibility, it can easily become treacherous as it happened to a lonely me. Don’t go alone onto this ridge, particularly if its bad weather.

10k peak, 11 miles, 12 hours... not bad

10k peak, 11 miles, 12 hours… not bad

mount baldy

it was not easy for sure

devil's backbone

Devil’s backbone looks so normal from the top, but once you enter that area covered by clouds, its nothing but a steep ridge with deep valleys both sides. Don’t go alone.

one in a billion rainbow

Watch carefully! Its a one-in-a-billion circular rainbow which flashed for a few moments with a passing wet cloud and a rare chance, it appeared like an aura around my head in the shadow


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3 weeks of happiness

spoonful to plateful

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kids’ saplings

Its important they plant seeds and then grow their understanding of nature along with the sprouts and saplings:)

kids' sapplings

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నాలాంటి సామాన్య ప్రజలకి అంకితం (A half minute gripe)

Not to sound philosophical, I started to dislike getting stuck in an endless routine.. And what better time than a weekend to vent your gripe?

Contrary to the Karmic philosophy which says a soul takes multiple births based on its bad deeds, I strongly believe the next birth, if at all, is given only to people who do good things here… If you are of the types sung in this folk, you won’t get a chance to be here again… Enjoy this half-minute song:


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dosa hut

yet another Daddy’s creation:) Its a #spicy #life:)

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పాత పెనం మీద కొత్త అట్టు

“పుల్లట్లు”, “చల్లట్లూ” పాత తరం బాబూ .. “పంచట్లు” కొత్త తరం ..:)

Stack them all like a burger and take them in one-bite-at-a-time with accompanying ginger chutney:)

Flattened rice and curds soaked overnight, add little salt while making the batter and pan fry them into palm sized cookies with different vegetable top-ups… Tomato, peppers, onions, carrot, mint/coriander… served with ginger or sesame chutney.. Enjoy the sunday.

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bug day at Randall Museum, SFO

Its important to teach your kids something about bugs, what are harmless and what are harmful etc. Thanks to the Randall Museum in SFO, we had a fun day with lot of infotainment. Add that to all our outdoor time and I am sure my kids would have their curiosities answered and still be safe…

Of course each bug is a lesson whether its biting your neck or breaking your code ;):P

hand-crafted Bug Crowns:)

bug day

The real Tarantula is hide sleeping in grass but the one you see in the box is only the shell he just shed:
bug day


One harmless scorpion.. believe me!

bug day

the common beetle:

bug day

larvae will never be disgusting again:

bug day

Its the daddy beetle who carries all the eggs around:

bug day

 Not indoor plants, they are all carnivorous hunters:

bug day

 This cone shaped death trap is probably the most misguiding:

bug day

 Not all beauty is naive, it eats a bug alive and slow:

bug day

 Spot the snake:

bug day

 Thats the first time I saw a birdie skeleton:

bug day

 and a tortoise one too:

bug day

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The first thing I do with my tax refund and you should too!

Its not actually the ‘first’ thing  because I am doing this directly from my tax deductions without even receiving the refund. This time I used TurboTax and came across this wonderful feature to be able to donate directly from the refund while filing the returns itself.. And here is my fav list:

$100 -> Emergency Food For Families Fund

$195 -> State Parks Protection Fund/Parks Pass Purchase

$100 -> Keep Arts in Schools Fund

$80 -> America The Beautiful – National Parks Annual pass (ordered separately)

That takes a cool big chunk from my total refund but I am happy and thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to donate.  I never want to boast about myself but it just gives me good sleep if I do this:) and probably I can inspire a rich aahs to beat me in this someday:)


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hiking thru Bear Gulch caves at Pinnacles

A superb start to the Spring 2016 with a 3.2 mile hike in the deep talus caverns of the Pinnacle National Park in the Bear Gulch Nature Reserve. My 5 year old kids did this full loop along with my senior citizen mother-in-law and everyone liked the narrow passages laughing heartily squeezing thru the wet rugged rocks:)

Don’t forget your headlamps:   Moses Springs Trail -> Bear Gulch Cave Trail -> Rim Trail -> High Peaks Trail -> Bear Gulch Nature center;





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real time lessons

Daddy is painting after a long time:) and his brief 5-minute lesson on drawing real time objects looks overly simple on paper but kids picked it up quickly and they even started drawing objects that are NOT displayed… If only you appreciate how difficult it is to imagine something in your mind and put it on paper whether its a painting or a write-up that you will spend those 5 minutes with your kids and give them a certain opportunity to open a new door in their minds:)

Its never too early to buy them easels..

Daddy's real-time-drawing lesson

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wasted knowledge


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hiking Mount Diablo, California

15 miles of rocky, muddy, slippery terrain on a lonely, cloudy day to the summit at 3850 ft   and the hike route is so well planned that it covers all the park geography with a solid ascent and descent., probably why they call it “The definitive route to the summit at Mount Diablo“.. I enjoyed it thoroughly:).

Michelle Canyon VC -> Back Creek Trail -> Bald Ridge Trail -> North Peak -> Summit -> Juniper Campground -> Deer Creek Trail -> Michelle Canyon Road -> VC.


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వే.ట.కూ.ర కాదు! … అంతకు మించి … తోటకూర! :)


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Sunol wilderness hike

12 miles of sine curve trails under the scorching sun, a nice n hot challenge to your leg muscles, tiny purple grass flowers that are hardly 2-3 mm in diameter covering the stretch of a valley and an absolute aloneness with the nearest human at least a few miles away, not to mention the beast bullies who block your way and complicate things:).  This year’s first hike for the #trails #challenge #2016 #ebparks!

thats a lot of calories guy!


yes yes true sine curves looking back


funny tree? bouts of green branches😉


be careful with the slopes


to own just one such ranch house


cave rocks — don’t dare to enter — one little famous landmark


purple beauty cutie


beast bullies.. they don’t give way.. you can’t detour because of the slopes.. nice.. um… guess who charged running!!


god send lunch bench.. the 4 oranges I ate after 7 tough miles is surely one of my best lunches ever had

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unintentionally emotional blackmail :)

My kid innocently said:

Naannaa! Today after taking bath, I went to Puja room and chanted the sloka ‘Shuklam Bharadham…’ and then asked the Elephant God to give me ‘skating boots, helmet, walkie-talkie and binoculars’.

Daddy laughed his heart out but fainted with responsibility and of course happy (i) seeing him ask all outdoorsy items; (ii) that my kid’s correlation of his toys to be a grant of God;

Ain’t this the daily dose of warmth that is worth writing in my life book? :)  Whatz yours today?


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