sunday platter green

aloo-spinach,  mushroom-peas-capsicum simmered in mild aromatic spices, ajwain seasoned brussels sprouts and raw cocktail cucumber with multi-grain rotis :) yummy yummy come join us :)

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yummushroom noodles

mint, cilantro, mildly stewed portabellas with some raw monterays :) and the result is yummy yummy :)

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Discourage bullying

Dedicating to Lizzie Velasquez, Monica Lewinsky and the likes for what all they withstood.

Please stop bullying, stop cyber bullying, stop professional bullying and discourage, resist and report whenever you find it happening.

Who knows you would be saving the savior of the world.

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great words from a great cook

Listening to the famous Chef Thomas Keller yesterday in the campus was so inspiring. Wanna know what lead him from a dishwasher to SEVEN grand Michelin Stars? #goosebumps

organization; efficiency; critical feedback; repetition; rituals; team work;

It was a certain feast for me when he explained each of these that gives me little more clarity in grasping where men fail whatever their field of work is, how teams flounder however ambitious their goals are, and in fact why success dates only a few.


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tintin hair style

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Respect the small

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వాడండి బాబూ వాడండి!

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where are all the good men?

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how great are you?



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మనిషి జీవితం మూడు పదాల్లో

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I laav mushrooms

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Jowar Masala Dosa

winter morning, warm sun.
dosa makes your breakfast fun :)

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Are you a complete man?

If you eff yourself up everyday, then u are already half a man..If you can learn the lesson and vow never to repeat then you are a complete man..

But at least you are better than all the zombies living around who do not even give it a try but cozily live the rest of their lives seldom doing anything ever with their body or mind.. Huh.

Am at least trying!

Am at least trying!

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whatz a simple yet gratifying thing you can do?

Plant a seed :) and watch it growing.

And a win-win if you grow your kitchen’s common spices on your own :) Yes! Our large patio now has a purpose :)

first shoots of fenugreek.. just the beginning :)

first shoots of fenugreek.. just the beginning :)

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my obsession with the man who took the first step

To go to America and shake hands with him.

That was my dream. He was my Hero. As a teen, I always wanted to meet him and just shake hands once. Here is a short video that explains why he is so famous and how he achieved it.  Admire you Neil! You braved the most fascinating yet terrifying vacuum and gave us a new possibility, opened a new door.


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