What makes you happy?


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strengthy breakfast

ఉల్లి చట్నీతో మినప రొట్టె, పటుకో ఒక పట్టు
ఉదయాన్నే జీవాత్మని ఉషారుతో మెలిపెట్టు  — ©balu

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wanna generate your own bodyheat in cold winters? Try “Pudina Thepla”


Wanna dine light but with hellafa fiber, anti-oxidants, low-calorie-high-energy cereals and essential elements with a punch of herbal medicine right in your kitchen? Taste this raw mint, cumin, coriander, saunf, red chilli and turmeric that went into the making of simple rotis served with a spicy curry of cabbage, carrot and beans.

When the dominating aroma of fresh mint reaches your nostrils, the strong flavor fills your palate and the cool aftertaste makes you close your eyes and bend your head back, then you know you are ready for dinner 🙂

Not to mention the heat it all generates, you surely would be more resilient to the winter weather 🙂 hail the herbs.

Kitchen Credits: Master Chef Latha

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how to entice a kid to his breakfast?

how to entice a kid to his breakfast?Just a lil trick I thought worth sharing. When kids say they are not in a mood for breakfast but its time, you can certainly grab the ‘parent’ wand and force them eat something, but thats not what the daddy here does 🙂 I asked them to the kitchen, made them break the eggs, wash the veggies, light up the stove, put the pan and toast some bread slices. In the meantime, I beat the eggs and cut the veggies. Then they added a good amount of garlic salt and jira masala, readied another pan and butter.. One kid  wanted a dotted-sauce outlining and the other a linear ketchup border 🙂 Daddy bows like a magician and voila!

Cheddar jack cheese on garlic omlette with 17-grain bread sandwitch is deliciously ready 🙂

and they ate it happily.. thats the finishing touch.  Hope this gives you a message.  Happy Thanksgiving week 🙂


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Why is a Tooth-fairy so important?

why is a Tooth-fairy so important?  Enriching a childhood doesn’t always take a lot of planning or effort. You must ensure their imagination goes on and on and up and deep.. Because :

Better you imagine, better you create

and we need more creators in this world than consumers 🙂

Tooth-fairies probably are the most basic points of interaction with a kid’s imaginary world 🙂

Here is Kartik’s letter to the fairy and the gift she left on the window sill overnight. He is already excited about teleporting 🙂


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rain bargain

rain rain come again
peace and tranquil in bargain
make it wet and bring petrichor
bet a little soul regain
each corridor cute again


rain rain come again

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When did I last feed my soul?

Looks like “Robert Frost” is inspiring me from the moment I toopaperback cover: "The Poetry of Robert Frost" by Connery Lanthemk this book into my hands 🙂

wish i could run away from this world for a while

no kindle could replace a real book beguile

hand-in-hand with an author so humble n habile

shooting your spirit like an inter space missile

is what all a man can do with a mind docile and soul juvenile  ©balu


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you are welcome to the family foosball championship (weekly)


  • Every Sunday afternoonUntitled
  • You and your spouse are a team
  • Each team plays 3 games with all other teams on that day
  • Potluck or Pizza Lunch
  • Entry fee $10 (to start with) and the lady in winning team takes all

Lets have some fun as adults. Bring your kids too but focus on your own game. They can play separately :). We can drop the entry fee if none of the teams are interested in OR we can bump it up, bet separately likes if someone wanna become a little richer by the evening 🙂

This is an open invitation welcoming you all to get hands on and have some fun. Beer and wine are on the house 🙂

Please feel free to ping me for any questions or directions.


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apple ripples

If you hear someone bite an apple loudly, you will most likely to eat an apple yourself in the next few days.

Do you agree?

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How many windows?

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grow-up Whatsapp users!! please!!

Dear Whatsapp users,

  1. Aren’t you tired of forwarding every joke to every other group?
  2. Typing/copy-pasting the same festival wishes into almost every room?
  3. Brazenly forwarding pics/videos that are not yours which are otherwise copy-righted, without mentioning any credits to the source?
  4. Too many groups that are solely circulating entertainment, but nothing of any life-worthy points like books, politics, psychology, parenthood?
  5. Supporting the so called fake/viral news and latest fashion is even adding funny a disclaimer: “I don’t know if this is true”… How else the kcuf do you think the fake news spreads?
  6. And oh yeah.. changing the DPs with your “best of the best” photos which actually make you unrecognizable if someone sees your original face?

Come on!  Its time to evolve. If you are not already doing this:

  1. Maintain domain-specific groups and share only related updates.. Your effing jokes will all be limited to only one group in that case.
  2. Never ever forward “something” if you don’t know for sure its true. Understand the dynamics of fake news. This will largely discourage the assoles getting paid for nothing.
  3. Always attach the source of every picture/video/news. In that way it can be backtracked, gives the creativity a chance to grow and get recognized and lets the fakers step back.
  4. For the sake of the society and for the future of your own kids’ , pl start discussing books, psychology, parenthood and politics etc.  Start voicing your opinion. Thats how we correct each other.
  5. Stop posting your food and home decor.  If you feel like sharing, start blogging.  A blog will keep track of what you are posting, reaches out to a larger audience and enriches the overall online knowledge-base.

Thats all I can think of for now. Please add in the comments if I missed any or if you have another great point.

thanks for reading.


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Talent, Future and You

Talent, Future and You

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what do school kids and software engineers and managers all need alike?

మట్టి గాడీల్లో మాంచి గెత్తం వేసి, కంటి పాపలా చూసుకుంటూ కొబ్బరినీళ్లు పోసి పెంచుతుంటే, పూలూ పళ్ళ మధ్యన కలుపు మొక్కలు కూడా పెరుగుతాయిరా బుజ్జిగా! వ్యవసాయం చేసేటోడు ఆ పిచ్చిమొక్కల్లో నేలతల్లి బలం చూస్తాడు, నీరు పారిన తీరు చూస్తాడు … సాయంకాలం ఓ గంట ఎక్కువ పనిచేసి కలుపు మొత్తం పీకి పక్కన పోస్తాడు … మర్నాడు పొద్దున్న మరింత అందమైన ప్రపంచాన్ని ముందు రోజు రాత్రి కలల్లోనే చూసేస్తాడు …

అంతేగాని, చేసిన పనికి ఇలాంటి ఫలితం వస్తోందేంటని పని పూర్తిగాకుండానే బెంగ పడిపోయేటోడు, ఆఖరికి అనుకున్నంత ఫలం రాలేదని బావురుమని ఏడ్చేటోడు, అసలు మొత్తం బెడిసికొట్టినా అక్కడితోనే బతుకు తెల్లారిపోయిందని చేతులెత్తీసేవోడు వాడు రైతే కాడు … వాడు మళ్ళీ ప్రయత్నించలేడు .. పడి లేవలేడు ..

అందుకేనేమో బడికెళ్లే పిల్లలదగ్గరనుంచి బడాబడా కంపెనీల్లోని ఇంజినీర్లూ మేనేజర్లవరకూ అందరినీ ఓ ఏడాది తప్పనిసరిగా వ్యవసాయం చెయ్యమని ఆదేశించాలి మన ప్రభుత్వం.

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global cuisine or a globetrotter’s humble dinner?

I didn’t realize at first but that is a freshly baked French baguette served with Israeli olive oil from the Arbel mountains at the Sea of Galilee, sprinkled with Italian seasoning and the famous Californian garlic salt… truly Global cuisine? haha, no, a globetrotter’s humble dinner I would say 🙂
global cuisine - humble dinner

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