How unimportant are traffic rules???

Why do we need traffic rules at all?
Why should we ever put the head into a helmet?
Why at last, should we need a seat-belt?
Why should we stop at a red-light?

These are all absolutely not necessary. You don’t agree or what? Just give me a single, valid reason for any of the above unnecessary things we do, everyday?

We just don’t need them any more.

Civilisation has come to such a faux-pas that following any rule is often adjudged as an act of less influential people? Neither we care for our lives nor for the others. We consider ‘having some civic sense’ to be the characteristic of foolish people. We proudly lack any common sense not to spit on the roads or litter public places, leave alone respecting pedestrians or fellow-drivers. None of us knows what the ‘shoulder lines’ are and why for are they painted on the roads. We have no idea whatsoever of why we should refrain from sudden breaks or ‘zero-to-sixty-in-five-seconds’. we don’t read the accident-columns of any news paper or atleast the yearly-toll and the analyses of ‘traffic department’. hey?? is there a ‘traffic department’? truly?

So, my friends, the next time any of you happen to drive a vehicle, pls remember:


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