I don’t boast of things i do, but you know, there are crowds of people who need a helping hand, who are just helpless and surely need somebody to pick them up, who are so burried in despair that only money can save them from going astray, who are really hurt and definitely need a counselling to normalise their routine. I really feel a need for an army of youthful personalities (youthful in their thoughts n deeds – not really the biological one) who come forward to spare a little share of their earnings and then contribute all their droplets to make a bucketful of empathy and then to make a big difference in the lives of small people.

At one point of time, i thought i should jump forward and start my organisation, resign from my current routine and do the best i can do to the welfare of these people. I chalked my own plans of starting an NGO which I named as ‘LONE TREE’, for which i have identified nine sectors to focus upon, like street-children, poor prodigies, girl-maids, deserted veterans etc., and then do all i can do to improve their standards. I was on the verge of diving into this, but suddenly stopped and u can guess the reason. Some of my friends, who promised me of monthly contributions had suddenly become unsure of keeping their pledge, which made me realise the tentativeness in my plans and the uncertainity associated with the flow of funds. So, what all i could say is that i have only postponed my registrations but oneday, you will definitely hear of my ‘LONE TREE’ giving respite to lots of people as i dreampt it of doing. For now, i have restrained myself to do anything only on the personal front as doing it in a big way may take some time. Fortunately or so, i already have some great personalities in my ‘list-of-friends’ who resonate my ideas and are ‘eveready’ to come with me. We respond in the best amicable way we can do, we take pain to alleviate other’s pain, we rise money to reach its best destination, we divert our efforts & contributions to the deserved, and we are doing all sorts of petty, small things to let them get going.

And friends, every service need funds. Consider only two points.

01. Either you trust somebody, repose your faith in him and donate generously.


02. atleast, plan to do things in your own way and reach people who need some help.

But don’t sit back leisurely, watching movies, having fun, relishing weekends, as if you do not have a responsibility towards your surroundings.


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