3 D’s that made me remain firm

Desire, Determination & DrudgeryI personally devised, tested, implemented, succeeded & started suggesting these 3 D’s. Let me explain:

DESIRE: What is this? OR if I know what it is then what should I desire?

DETERMINATION: If what I desire is clear, how should I get it? how at the earliest?

DRUDGERY: Why should I make myself a slave of chasing my own Destiny? Is it the fourth ‘D’ that exists between my present & my future?

I don’t know how people devise their career but I am clear on my own career path and I have kept only these 3 things in my mind. I first focussed on seeing myself as an employee in Yahoo. Very few people know that the 20 months that followed were so intense and consuming that I almost forgot the external world. Having clarity on my own SWOT that I only know what extra bite I have taken to reach where I am now. One may find my term ‘drudgery’ a little confusing but I substantiate it very strongly that until I became the slave of my own desires and unless I forgot everything else, that I couldn’t have gotten the confidence to face that one final interview on 8th August, 2007.

And now, I am a happy part of the Yahoo family. And do you think I am sleeping peacefully, relishing the weekends…..?

No, I want to become a ‘PARANOID’ now. You will soon see me so.

🙂 All the best for both of us.

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