How you made friends and why…!!

Ever observed how you made good friends and why you did that? Who came very close and who couldn’t ever do so? Here’s my analysis…keeping relations is not so easy, but not everyone is worth keeping too. If you don’t find people giving you enough energy and if you are not able to give the same back, then the relation will soon break or become boring. And thats perhaps why we have so many people listed in our mobiles but we would never actually be in touch with them. We subconsciously look for things that gratify a physical, mental or psychological need OR we unknowingly engage in issues/persons that directly/indirectly address a visible or not so point that we personally have interest in.

Don’t worry too much about those people withering away, because they will come back or you will go to them if you ever will have a point in common that interests both of you.

And again there are people who do not understand this philosophy or practicality (whatever you call this). Its not their fault but they are not very well designed internally to understand such matters of diversity in social behaviour and so will forever be incoherent to grasp the dynamics of life.

And finally there is one class of people who do not have many friends, or who do not have friends at all. If you think they might be having any psychological problem, need a counselling etc., then you are utterly mistaken. They are just so unique that they didn’t have an opportunity to meet their best buddies yet. But they surely will. I am not including here people who seriously need some medical intervention to correct their social lives, but I want to caution every one of you not to ignore or misunderstand those unique souls just because you can’t understand the veracity of behavioural dynamism. Its your problem. not theirs.


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