Tears Tears Tears :))

I often wonder why people consider ‘tears’ as a consequence or harbinger of ‘pain’.  Then I started analyzing why they do that and I was just scared away to see the amount of negligence/ignorance that surrounds this sensible concept. I use the term ‘people’ here mostly for the test cases I have scrutinized.

First of all, many people do not know or understand what emotions are.

  • There is a general tendency that the word ’emotion’ itself is associated with a bad/unwanted mental fluctuation;
  • The moment they encounter a word ’emotion’, i see silent startles behind the curtain of those social/professional masks and immediately the discussions/arguments are sidelined in a frantic attempt to avoid all further encounters;
  • The first and foremost response upon watching ‘tears’ was to mock or ridicule or go sarcastic; (openly or not)

Few of them of course know the lachrymal glands to an extent that the eyes are moisturized to avoid dryness blah blah., but thats all for them.  You can’t make them believe that ’emotions’ as is, are a gift given to the man kind.

Human beings are biologically wired to undergo various emotions everyday, only that a very few of those sensory responses are actually exhibited out to the external world. Sometimes you can’t even control them, right? In fact, it is this same, unique ‘wiring’ that separates us Species from the rest of the flora & fauna.  Emotions are not different in men and women but the response or understanding of it, shown out to oneself or the world differs. A soccer player breaking his shins would only give a sense of pain in every mind that watched him, but the responses would vary from masochistic to sadistic, with another hundred types of ‘oomph’ sounds in between. This is because the ‘recording’ of an event in mind, and the analysis that goes into, are done by the same parts of the brain in every individual.  But the outcome and response vary according to one’s knowledge of it, previous experience, surroundings and the current state of mind at that point.

And so is this another ‘wiring’ stuff that every other emotion is just attached to the lachrymal strings. The moment an emotion crosses a certain threshold that you will see the eyes becoming moist.  Why? Because ‘tears’ are the 2nd most important tool given to us for all non-phonological communication, the first being the ‘skin’ or ‘touch’.  The uniqueness of being able to shed ‘tears’ not only links it to the supremacy of neural design in mankind statistically,  but also that the importance of it deserves a full-fledged scientific research into those unknown realms that answer and un-answer the thousands of questions that blew your and my mind every day, over ‘tears’.

Tears often make new friends and make bonds tighter.   Tears help communicating complex emotions in a simple, short and effective way. If at all emotions are a sensory high within the brain, I came to believe ‘tears’ are a way to stabilize it for an equilibrium.  Not sure, whether I am actually venting out my senses to the external world, but at least I,  stand evidence to the fact that every emotion causes tear shed.    Tears vindicate what I speak or think and they also help not leaving any ever-lasting imprint in my gray matter.  I say this may be because I have endured many of those emotions my fellow beings are not privileged enough to go through, but yes tears helped me to move on. and on. and on.

People may not study all these things, but the next you see some tear shed, don’t just think there is just pain, but  look within yourself for more answers.  He/she may actually be laughing too. And of course, those eyes and mind will be watching you though, from behind the curtain of a thin watery layer.

‘Happy’ tears :((

PS: And then, there are some people we see everywhere that have a blessing to open pipes at the thought of a simplest wish. All the way so far, I was of the opinion that they are just exploiting others with their biological virtue, but now, I came to believe that they are only short of having enough primordial knowledge base to control their own emotions. Never mind 🙂

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