To: Hon’ble @ShashiTharoor on Justice & Forgiveness

With a fond hope that he would read someday, this reply to his tweet dated 20091105:


is it better to pursue justice even if this will keep wounds open,or to forgive in hope of healng?Is thr real forgiveness amid fear?


The slight sense of dilemma in there is what drew my attention and encouraged me to script these few words. With due respect to his vast experience in foreign affairs, and to the context that might have gone into his mild frustration exhibited upfront ( there was a disturbing shoot out in Kashmir and a  bomb blast in Pakistan prior to it), I only wondered how the two distinct sects of thought can actually be intermingled to lead to those questions filled with indefiniteness.

Justice is distinct and more fundamental than benevolence, charity, mercy, generosity or compassion. Its sole aim is to verify and restore that something which is decried to have been lost and which is sought back, sub judice.

Forgiveness is another tactful sphere of our social, psychological lives where it is done for the sole purpose of doing it.

You can never think of Forgiveness before the actual Justice is delivered.  And it is not possible to deliver true Justice with Forgiveness in consideration.

While they both stand distinct so, Justice do not consider any wounds open or closed, until it delivers itself.  Forgiveness do not extend itself with some ‘healing’ expectations in return.  Neither Forgiveness can take adjectives like ‘real’, ‘perpetual’ or whatever. And this Fear, yes, its a part and byproduct of our every day lives, not just in metaphorical sense, but as a social dogma resulting out of some impatient schools of thought, Fear is slowly becoming a major player in every speech, act and quotation. Every one suddenly wants to use it for their marketing., whether it is religion, politics or a simple news-paper-editing.  Fear is already an inseparable part of an average citizen, what ever his country is. So, whether I actually forgive someone to have less of it, or care a damn for his suicide bomb, it doesn’t matter to me.

So I say, Justice is Justice, don’t mix Fear, Healing & Forgiveness with it. No more dilemmas.

I only felt I should be elaborate to you on this 🙂 if only you care some feedback ..

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