ego & forgetfulness

In a world of crass dynamism, I often find people pinned to their egos.  Then I tried to map what things they remember and what they do not.  The forgetfulness people experience for themselves seems to have two variants, one that concerns all things that don’t directly involve them and the other which do. I was of the opinion that ego is something that belongs to the ‘conscious’ part of the human mind. But I am stunned to find how ego and subconsciousness go hand-in-hand.  I find the first variant of forgetfulness pushing images/incidents/facts out of the human mind rather easily and people ‘forget’ them, perhaps because they think they do not have a [direct] bearing. But the second variant is the one that recently astonished me wherein ‘forgetting’ is nothing but pushing the memories into a hidden reservoir which is straightly accessible to the subconscious state of mind. So, in this case, men looked like they don’t remember/care what happened in the past, but their deeds/behaviour/responses are all seem to have insidiously influenced by that reservoir, with no conscious acknowledgement of it.

Let me know your observations.

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