MS Ramarao’s Sundarakanda lyrics (telugu)

There are very many mythological scripts that would just leave you spell-bound if you ever care to put your mind in it.  And one of them would surely be MS Ramarao’s brainchild ‘Sundarakanda (telugu)’.   I had a deep respect for that voice, which I have been coming across every now and then, ever since my childhood.  Pl don’t hesitate to pick the CD/DVD if you happen to see it next time, for you will get an immense pleasure in going through a splendid description of a part of our — ‘Sanskriti’??  Instant favourites would be ‘pushpaka’, ‘ravana’, ‘lanka soudha’, ‘seeta’ and many more 🙂

Attaching the telugu lyrics here, thanks to aparnahari. I am only spreading their efforts. Courtesy:

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20 thoughts on “MS Ramarao’s Sundarakanda lyrics (telugu)

  1. rajasekhar

    good one

  2. swathi

    thanks for the post balu.

  3. Ram Reddy

    Thank you very much for the Sundara Kanda lyrics. I was searching for it for quite some time without success and today is a lucky day! Great service and spread of our culture (we are overseas for several years now). Ram Reddy, Sydney, Australia

    • you are welcome ram garu. Your comments really encourage me to publish more such rare content.. will do. thank you too.

  4. Leela Prasad Vakati


    Nuvvu chesina ee manchi pani neeku kshemamonarchu gaka. Nuvvu siri sampadalato santhoshamuga undalani aa Sri rama bhakta Sri hanumantuni korutunnanu.

  5. LPV garu.. thank you so much for your blessings. It encourages me to publish more such rare scripts. will do.

    • Ramesh

      May he Divine provide you with resources to continue your good work and may you be blessed with divine blessings!
      Great to have the script to sing the Sundarakandam!

      Thanks again and Blessings

  6. sreenath

    You have done a Great work and Great Hardwork.Please Listen to Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswar Rao gaari Sampoorna Ramaayanam. Chaganti gaaru done a great job by giving that to the Telugu Prople. We all are blessed with sri rama. Thanks for your effort.

  7. P R Swamy

    I have been searching for this since long . Thank you so much Sir.

  8. Ramana

    Thanks a lot sir. I have been searching for this for long. At last I could. I frequently enjoy hearing and singing along. But some areas I don’t know the spell. Now I got it. Many many Thanks.

  9. Baja Govinda

    Atma Namaste,

    No words can describe the greatness of the service you did. Absolutely Amazing. You deserve the blessings from everyone who loves MS RAMA RAO Sundara Kanda. May god bless you and give you all you need.

    Personally I am thankful to you and “Thank You” is the very small word to express my feelings. I need more than that.

    You may continue such great service and god, shall provide, all you need in your entire life


  10. shreya

    Thz u sooooo much .u did a grt job .god bless u.

  11. anand

    chaa laa santosham ..mee ku aa devudu aasirvaadam ivvu gaaka

  12. Padma

    God bless u balu garu. I have been searching for this since long time.

  13. rajani prasanna


    some poems are missing Kindly check up

  14. Mahesh

    Thank you dude…………….Great to share this ……………..

  15. A V Srinivasa Reddy

    Its very nice sir. I have been searching for this since long time.Thank u and God bless u.

  16. Thank you so much

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