appreciate CNN-IBN for awarding Javed Abidi

I really appreciate CNN-IBN for picking up the right person for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Javed Abidi truly deserves this for his untiring efforts in bringing some honour/comfort to the,…differently-abled.  And I completely agree that the National Building Code must encorporate the amendments he is proposing, so that every new construction from here in onwards will have well-laid-access to those people, who just can’t take those stairs.  It may be 2 or 3 steps before i take the elevator, but its damn uncomfortable for them to go by everyday. You just can’t understand it so easily., you are blessed, right?

Time for hon’ble Minister Jaipal Reddy to wake up and ”spend one evening seriously in his work life” to cause the amendments.  Hats off to you Javed Sir. and Kudos CNN-IBN.

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2 thoughts on “appreciate CNN-IBN for awarding Javed Abidi

  1. V.S.Batra

    I salute Shri Javed Abidi for everything he is doing for Disables. Highest honor Award of this country should go to Mr. Abidi. I request him to look into facilities in Indian Railways also.

  2. omkar

    thanks a lot

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