Time for harsher punishments to check crime rate

My heart sank when i saw the news that the 9 year old girl who was kidnapped yesterday in vijayawada was found dead in a boiler. It was not long ago that the gory scene of the hacked Sub-Inspector dying on the road in full public view with a Minister’s convoy at his side.  Just a few days prior to it was the heinous acid attack in the name of love.  It really bothers me in what sort of a society we all live in and what actually is our reaction to all of this. I know most of us would read/see the news, get up or get ready to go to the office on a daily routine and forget the hell till next morning.  But I seriously wanted to collect at least your opinion.  pl participate in this one word poll.

thanks to all who participate in this.  Will get back shortly with the results.

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2 thoughts on “Time for harsher punishments to check crime rate

  1. Harsher punishment alone can’t sufficient for this… Prevention as well punishment is required.. Motivating the people towards good acts, reducing social and economic imbalance, creating opportunities to grow and at the same time punishments should create the fear in culprits… Most of all a strong POLITICAL WILL

  2. smith

    I enjoyed the article and thanks for posting such valuable lessons that all of us to cotton on to, I find it both good and illuminating and I wish to hear from it as repeatedly as I can.
    – smith

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