Classic Short Stories

— compiled by Reader’s Digest for India Today Group

yes yes .. it is one such nice Saturday morning to slowly open your eyes, walk straightly to the book shelf and pick up a pending favorite … boom.. and forget the world for some time.  I picked up the ‘Classic Short Stories’ this time., from among that solid bunch of packed bombs. It is a nice compilation work by Reader’s Digest, thanks to their selective eyes., and tickling taste buds 🙂  I trotted some 100 pages at a stretch, before stopping for a gasp.  Man! what  an experience it is to seep into the mind of the author and look his world with his eyes. A different world which I didn’t ever live in, and which I couldn’t get to endure., but still be visualizing it before my eyes, with the help of my author friends’ suave words.

‘The Open Window’ by Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) made my morning… “””Romance at short notice was her speciality“””.. that single sentence should tell you its short story that prodded my wit buds. It will remain my fav until i go thru my next one 🙂

‘After the Dance’ by Leo Tolstoy said the obvious.. “It is impossible to improve individual character without a change of the conditions under which a man lives“.. You got the story right? 🙂

then comes dabbing your depths with compassion & sacrifice.. “The Last Leaf” by O’Henry . and you know its the nom de plume of William Sydney Porter, don’t you?

And then ‘The Lottery Ticket’ by Anton Chekov; “A Little Cloud” by James Joyce.. …! one by one, they all did their nice job on me 🙂

As it was rightly said, a short story is something “that can be read in an hour and remembered for a lifetime”… so true.  But it was a short Saturday morning too.. I took a break and could never resume .. as usual :p

For now, I made my Reading Time for this week and am only waiting for another placid Saturday to have this half-journey completed.

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