Why divide time by 3?

It is just commonplace that every Civilization has divided ‘time’ into three parts…. past, present & future. That way, explaining things became simple.  People understood life easily.  From the mere unnecessariness to measure time to the latest atomic clocks, from the brief absence of a unit of measurement for time, from the first clock piece that is called mother Nature to the grandeur Swiss legends, time & clock are probably the things men observed/absorbed most fascinatingly though out the centuries of Human History.  Art, Maths, Philosophy, Science,  Sports and what not, everything revolved around these 3 spheres as life was clearly divided into.  Everyone compared what happened in the past, with what is going on at present, learn things from it and tried to possibly predict future or at least to optimize the next outcome.  In that way, Learning has become an integral part of this division of time by 3 and vice versa.

But all thorough a while, I have been observing something very radical and practical that is binding this division with the Learnability of a man.

Before I actually explain my observations, I request you to first ‘unlearn’ that — division by 3 — and then read this carefully.

Lets start with an example. Say, if Darwin’s theory of Evolution is correct,  Species mended their next step of evolution based on the surroundings. Like we read, the giraffe’s neck grew tall and tall in order only to reach the taller greens. So, if it had happened,  it happened in minuscule increments and each such increment is only influenced by the ‘present’ that is the taller grass around on ‘that very day’.  Irrespective of how tall the neck was already how short the grass was yesterday.

Say,  a River is about to decide its course. It only looks for which way to go ‘now’. Irrespective of how she flowed till that point or what all was mixed in her waters in distant to recent past.

Say, You are learning a foreign language. The A,B,C,D you already learnt doesn’t matter a penny but you now have to count in Euros. Depends only on the present tense, but not on how many languages you already knew.

What I wanted to say, is that in all these circumstances, and in fact, in every life’s aspect, only the present tense plays the most important role. I don’t undervalue ‘the past’ though, but what I felt is that it can’t be a separate entity of its own. Lets merge ‘the past’ with ‘the present’.  Then the outcomes are all the way same.  Lets stop dividing time by 3 and lets start dividing it by 2.  Let us only have ‘the present’ and ‘the future’.  Do you understand that division by 2 is less complicated? Let me explain further.

Say, you are about to take a ‘Decision’. Alas! Life is full of decisions, its just all about  decisions.. am I right? Now, let us see how it goes with the two different divisions of time:

Classical-division-by-3 way: You have ‘the past’.. an enormous experience in your past.  You learnt many things in your life. You think your experience and your past could help you take a better decision and perhaps would optimize its outcome. Could be true. But, you never realize that ‘the past’ you are carrying is actually becoming a burden on you and would only increase its weight with time. The heavier this weight, the tougher to learn a new set of alphabets. And in fact, your gracious past would like to influence every of your decisions.  It shows up to have its own chair in the chamber.  It needs its own place.  I doubt if you can actually take a viable decision 🙂

Radical-division-by-2 way: Now, you don’t have the so called ‘past’ with you. You still hold all the experience, memories & lessons with you, but just that you need not offer a separate chair to that past now non-existent. You merged the past with the present and so now have a less cluttered slate to start with. You still see/perceive ‘the future’ as a path to take but it only starts right now.  You now have an advantage with the feeling of ‘I just started’ and so would have to learn everything from the beginning, every time, every day.  Now your decisions are only  ‘guided’ by your experience but are not ‘influenced’ because ‘the gracious past’ is now humbler to merge itself with ‘the present’ and so would be humbler enough not to demand a separate chair.

So, all in all, think like you ‘had had’ 3 photographs in your hand, one from each of the classical division of time.  Now, it is just about merging two of them into one, to only have two in your hand.  All this from the perspective of the Learnability of a man.  Try this and tell me that you are now able to learn easily., and ever more easily than when you were dividing your time by 3 🙂

Howz that?  😕

I will come back with more examples and better explanation.  Just for now, couldn’t resist to put this theory on 🙂 but pl don’t shy away to drop your comments. I may be wrong, right? I started from the beginning 😀 again this morning 😀

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One thought on “Why divide time by 3?

  1. Classic case of mixing two things and make it seem real (by the author) or Classic case of not understanding the topic altogether (commenter) 😛

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