riding on secularism in the guise of art

There’s so much hype about MF Husain’s getting Qatar citizenship and India losing a great citizen.  Oh! how many people suddenly started feeling that India is extremist, comparing with Pakistan/Taliban,  Art not having freedom, irreversible loss… what crap.

India as I know is already burdened with its own secularistic pluralism.  The absolute democracy we enjoy here is only often misused and if at all something is awry that can displease any single point of view is its vulnerability to exploitation. We have been silent, resilient and empathic to many a disgraceful events-in-the-name-of religion, art, terrorism, polity or whatever. We have absorbed every stupid hideousness with grace and alacrity and moved on.

And the world too is a sick place with an obnoxious myopia in willfully ignoring to realize the limits of individual entities. O yes! Art is one such form with no imposing boundaries.  But there is a subtle line between limitless artistry and despicable imagination. I somehow didn’t understand how the same world that made a hue and cry out of Denmark Cartoons was not so receptive to the contemptible Nude paintings.  Yeah.. Nudity is divine but that definitely should not transmute a succinct painting into a piece of derisive hatred.  If possible, paint something that makes people love each other but kindly do not pepper the age old bruises.

Any way, imagine there are no cases against Husain, imagine there are no controversies and no debate at all on any painting/cartoon.  And then, if MF Husain chooses to surrender the Indian passport and go off to an oil well, none of us would/could have stopped him. So, why now? This is a true democracy.  Your choice prevails.

Bye Bye Husain. Have a great life.


20100303:  MF Husain’s Interview in NDTV :: Determined @BDUTT on the other side:

I was spellbound to see the old man taking the critical questions from barkha dutt.  He was very clear.  Never regretting his decisions. No grudges.  She was simply awe struck too and couldn’t squeeze any commercial answers :p

Few of his statements:

India is never restricting creativity. still my home.
Why do you focus on physicality?
people know in their sub conscience that they are wrong in chasing me.
no diffuculty, no problem whatsoever in moving london<->dubai.
creativity has no bounds, so have i. i can go to any country. i didn’t put up a shop anywhere in the world.
I have never been betrayed.  i have no grudge against anyone. After all it is a great democratic country.

Sentiments! Religion! Wounds!  leave it all off.. I liked the way he spoke on all these things.  Hail Husain!

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2 thoughts on “riding on secularism in the guise of art

  1. Knock Purses

    I do not think I have seen this said that way before. You really have clarified this for me. Thanks!

  2. Smiffy

    I read about it some days ago in another blog and the main things that you mention here are very similar

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