complement by negation

welcome everything. You don't have a choice either ;)

welcome everything. You don't have a choice either 😉

Carefully observe the pic above.  Its greenery on one side and barren on the other. The silhouette is only darker against a bright sky. There are tall hills distantly with deep valleys just in between. It was a random shot from behind when i was unknowingly opening my arms wide to the cool Himalayan breeze. I was in a blissful state in the lap of mother nature.  Strangely, my mind just went numb with the beauty of the landscape to actually ‘think’ of anything but i somehow felt there were thousands of life’s moments gushing thru my mind of past, present and the future. It is only a picture, just another picture for all of you, but it is showing me the eternal meaning of life.  There is light & darkness all around us. There is happiness & pain. There is victory & defeat, love & hatred, memories & forgetfulness, good & bad… When i came back and was checking the pics, I found this picture talking to me directly, trying to teach a greater meaning to my otherwise naive psyche. It was telling me that the above pairs are wonderful only when they are blended with each other. Each element entwining with its negation to become a mere complement as a whole.

Don’t know why  a common man’s life is filled so much with philosophy? Or is it plain introspection? Or is it just another visceral contraption? Drop a comment if you have any idea 🙂

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One thought on “complement by negation

  1. Rama

    Thats the beauty of life! its telling you, that heaven n hell both are right here, in front of you. and you got to receive both with same energy and mould it in the way you want your life to be. I know you have gone thru enough in your life. and thats y u got all those glimpses of past, present and future. This is the ultimate effect of lying in mother Nature’s lap.

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