scorching world of Expectations

Yes, we all have Expectations. Some are met and some will not.  Everyone tries to voice them out.  You often post/broadcast what you ‘expect’ . You keep listening what is ‘expected’ from you. There are times every year,  when the whole world suddenly colors itself with a strange sense of manifesting this fact superior :).  The buzz that welcomes these times, slowly subdues with every possible mix of emotions which are only tied to the outcomes, often bearing indelible impressions in the long march of one’s life.  Of course, there is a tender, undeniable certainty that Negotiation almost always budges the needle little clockwise.  Tongue and brain are the two vital elements in this whole process, ain’t they?

As for me, i never really had known what “to expect”, as my whole life was all about what “to deliver”.  I seldom had an occasion to decide on what I can take, but all the way tended to a choice from amongst what I can give.  I don’t contend but only conform. I can’t race but only rationalize.  I never ask but only try to accomplish and stand accountable. Forgive me please for my inabilities and yes, I love my way of life and am learning constantly.

Whatever, it only reminds me of Bob Dylan’s : “How many Roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man?…. the answer my friend is Blowin’ in the Wind.. the answer is blowin’ in the wind


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2 thoughts on “scorching world of Expectations

  1. Rama

    Well said!!!

  2. I know, it is appraisal time around 🙂

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