National Himalayan Trekking (sar-pass) 2010

me at sar-pass

it still sends me chills when i recollect that day’s trek. Oh! rain, mud, hails, snow fall, steep tracks, deep ice, exhaustion, desperation and what not.. Its a damn mix of many more things for me, to forever cherish it 🙂

Its just mind-blowing.  A 11-day trek with 6 days of sheer stress, it is one of the toughest  treks organized by YHAI that puts, more than all, your will-power to test. All the  open-air-camps at  kasol, guna-pani, funal-pani, tila-lotni, zirimi -> (thru sarpass) -> biskeri-thatch, bhandk-thatch are really breath-taking.

My backpack slowly became 30 kilos, with all the rain, hails and the snow-fall making the 40+ km uphill trek only more strenuous.   We started the trek at 6500 ft above sea level, crossed sar-pass at 13800 ft and the 6 days that passed only saw a hilly terrain with mud, rain-water or ice making it slippery, the huge valleys beneath truly scaring me away.

The organizers were good and provided us with simple food, nice guidance and the two sherpas were just awesome on the snow. I will forever cherish the memories from Tila-Lotni and Sar-pass.

And in the end, don’t forget to take a bath in the natural hot water springs at Manikaran. I missed it, but was told its a pretty good experience particularly after a 10 day trek in the cold cold hills 🙂

Few things to take care:

1. Carry a very good pair of shoes which are good for water, ice; and then multiple pairs of socks;

2. rain coat (overall) is damn necessary;

3. alkaline batteries just don’t work and so carry only rechargeables (duracell as a backup, but it gave 15 pics per set of four);

4. More than all, it is so testing and strenuous. move at a slow pace and just keep pushing yourself to reach the top everyday;


go check your guts 🙂 and enjoy the trek.


um,  I don’t think a separate fitness test is necessary before you go on this trek. It is so chalked that you will have ample time to walk the distance, at an average of 6km a day. With the given backpack and a desire to finish the test, you can easily complete it.

There will be porters available in all camps, and you can give them your backpack if not able to carry it. Without a backpack, the walk is just a breeze in the hilly woods.

There will be people turning back every day,  exhausted.  Rain, snow and cold wave are common reasons.

Its tough for both boys and girls who do not have a willingness to complete. Its not tough for anyone who can smilingly walk the distances without cursing oneself 🙂

There were 4 girls and an old lady who completed this trek along with us.

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8 thoughts on “National Himalayan Trekking (sar-pass) 2010

  1. rajesh narni

    Is there any fitness test to take up this trek??? Can we stop in the middle and return back, if completely exhausted? How tough is it for girls?


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  3. Sailaja praharaju

    Wow Balu..

  4. Sri

    An awesome trek and Kasol is a wonderful place. Longing to go there again.

  5. Ganesh Majji


  6. chandu

    awesome balu 🙂 u r doing a great job to inspire young minds 😉
    i missed the trip this time and will make it with you this december..

    • balu

      inspire “young minds” entanna? ardham kale. meerandaru mudurlu babu, nenu cheppi marchindi, marchagaligedi emi ledu… can you tell me one last thing that i changed by the so called ‘inspiring’ :p.. nothing. I long back came to terms with the fact that people just do whatever they want, but not whatever they are told.

      sarle, pl join the next trek surely. I will inform well in advance.

  7. Sailaja

    It is just mind blowing looking at the pics. I wish i can do this in my life

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