[FIXED]: unearthed a critical bug in chesscube.com ;)

What is the bug?

Scenario: Login to chesscube.com from two browsers. click ‘play now’ from one browser.  Once a game is started, there will be a pseudo window shown in the other browser too.  Once both players moved (game is valid), close the pseudo window., and get surprised “”””””””to find that the black player is disconnected.””””””

Result: After two minutes, the ‘black’ player will lose the game with reason “forfeits by disconnection”

Cheat: I get additional marks for winning even before finishing the game.

How critical is it?

you just go there and cheat as many times as you want and rig your rankings. Of course, you should be playing ‘white’ to improve rankings. If you are playing black, what is jaw-dropping is that the game will never appear in your stats, which means u never lose a game and hence gain whatever color you are playing.  so its just not half-critical but full-critical :p

So, what is the pain point?

looks like chesscube.com didn’t have a formal bug report domain. I just have to drop it to them as a feedback (type: ‘bug report’) but I am not sure how quickly they will look into and fix it.  I have previously reported couple of other issues in that same feedback form, but there was never a response.  So I don’t expect one now, at least a quick one.

What can you do to help me, to help chesscube?

pl consider to re-tweet, re-blog and spread the news so that they become aware and the bug fixed. ((Update: They have responded and fixed it in ~24 hours. That’s a pretty damn quick fix 🙂 …  “Help Chat Room” helped me reach them quickly))  My only concern is that one among the best chess websites is having such a critical bug with no formal, reliable reporting channel with nowhere to track its fix progress.  What is more annoying is that there is no way I can find out whether someone had already reported this bug… eeek.. :-/

Here is the only proof that I reported this:

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3 thoughts on “[FIXED]: unearthed a critical bug in chesscube.com ;)

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  2. cc

    This no longer works…. the bug has been fixed.

    • balu

      thanks bryan! & co .. very very prompt fix 🙂 I will get back if there are still other complications.. happies 🙂

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