complaint of the three seeds

The resilience I love

how resilient is Nature? I see this greenery on a burnt wood coal.

Once upon a time, when there was no civilization on this earth but only flora & fauna, there lived 3 seeds.  They were born to a same tree, spent their early childhood inside the same fruit and were very good friends. The whole world was jealous of their friendship. One of the seeds was too small in size, another one is medium sized and the 3rd one is really big. As fate would have it, all the three of them got planted at a same spot and then started their eternal wait.  They were sleeping for many many months as there was no air/water to grow. They slept sticking together tightly and then in their dreams they always saw a beautiful future where they were all three together playing, sharing and enjoying life along with thousands of their own child seeds 🙂

Then came water and air available. They sang many happy songs in loud voice. Cheering each other, they thanked god and started growing.  They started pushing away the soil around them, drank lot of water and tried to put their heads out of the earthy layers.  But then started struggles.  As they grew, the small seed and the medium sized seed felt the space is too tight for their own growth. There was no dearth of water and air, but the two started disliking the other two, just because they didn’t like being pushed. They also blamed the big seed for occupying more space and for pushing them harder. Soon, the friendship just withered away and they remained reluctant to each other’s presence. They started dreaming different destinies, forgot their relation with each other and strongly wished to go one’s separate ways. But the big seed bore all the painful life/words/actions with a silent smile and remained calm. It kneeled down, looking at the sky with folded hands, it prayed God with closed eyes to bestow all good upon they three.  The other two were also praying god in their own ways.

Answering their prayers, God appeared before them and silently nodded taking the complaint.  He said he will come back after 3 weeks to solve their space problem and disappeared. He heard the growls while leaving but didn’t respond.  Three weeks passed by very quickly, but in the meanwhile, the seeds grew fast and the shoots came out of the earth. The poor big seed was growing slower and was the last to come out.  The fresh air and sun shine was filling up new energy but there were no happy songs.  No cheering.  No pats on the shoulders. It felt bad but thanked god and prayed to give it power to grow further, to grow fast/strong, to be friends, to understand the other two and to understand the new world.

After three weeks, God came back and said he needed another three months to solve their space problem and disappeared. He heard heavy growls while leaving but didn’t respond. Three months passed by in a snap.  And in the meanwhile, the shoots had become saplings. They grew their roots into the soil and turned on many leaves. Their stems were tender but were eager and ready to grow strong. They gulped up lot of water and breathed lot of air. Rains were more fun and they loved the morning sun. But the love and happiness were not shared and the big seed watched it all silently. It thanked god and prayed for the health, happiness, growth and strength for all the three.

As promised, God came back but said he needed another three years to solve their space problem and disappeared. He heard deafening growls this time while leaving but didn’t respond. Three years passed by in a jiffy. And in the meanwhile, the saplings have almost become trees. They developed many branches as the stems became stronger day by day.  There were so many birds on all branches, chirping, tweeting, cooing and many of them nesting who made the trees home.  Many orchids, mosses, lichens and other air plants started growing from one tree and were spreading across the other two trees.  Rains brought a festival atmosphere and sunshine had become the life stream. Each of the tree loved all the birds and orchids and they all moved like one family, but the trees never spoke to each other.

As promised, God came back but this time he was not let to disappear.  The three trees thanked Him for all that happened, but the original complaint was still in place waiting for a resolution.  The plaintiff trees demanded Him to deliver a solution this time at any cost.

God smiled and said:

“Look here o my dear Trees!  It was my intention that, as seeds you push the surroundings for growth.  Not just water and air, I wanted that “pushing” also to be one of the essential things that guide your growth.  Now see how strong, tall and resilient you three have grown to be.  As for the complaint, even I too cannot safely separate you three now., because your roots and branches are so intertwined that if one tree is removed from its place, the other two would lose balance and strength.  More over, see the family of these hundreds of birds and orchids that they don’t want a part of their home fall apart or go separate.”

The plaintiff trees realized the naturalness and the God’s intentions. And they became friends again. They sang all happy songs in loud voice, played, shared and enjoyed life along with thousands of their own child seeds, birds and orchids and many others.

The big brother seed silently thanked God and continued praying and the three trees happily lived ever after.


I will be submitting the Telugu Version of this story to a contest.  Would love to have your comments shape the story tight 🙂

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2 thoughts on “complaint of the three seeds

  1. Interesting to note that the biggest seed never complained :P.

    so now the deal is that “kalasi vunte kaladu sukham”. Nicely written bro 🙂

  2. Rama

    Its in the struggles that we get to competition and other emotions.. but ultimately its the peaceful co-existence that matters!!!

    Loved reading this story Balu!!!

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