why is #chesscube shoving off people?

No doubt, it is my favourite site with pretty good interface to play but i seriously felt bad when I was denied to play any ‘rated’ games, just because i don’t have a minimum of 10 cubits (chesscube currency).  They give free cubits everyday (~50), but once i exhaust them, i am forced to play ‘unrated‘ games for which there won’t be any takers where i have to wait for a really long time to get a game. [Update: Now I can’t even play unrated games without cubits. ] (You can pretty much trade any number of cubits in a game and so you can lose them all in a single shot)

As a Level-11 Level-93 player with more than 560  1783 games only on their site ( imagine the time i have spent there .. an hour of chess everyday is my addiction ), I liked their ranking system, interface, the new sleek ‘seek’ graph and all other recent changes in the system. But, I seriously don’t understand this minimum cubit restriction for playing ‘rated’ games.  What is the reason?

1.  Are they promoting cubits this way? No, it would be negative canvasing and they already have better promotional schemes.

2. Are they trying to make way for cubit rich people on board for an indirect impact on revenue? I don’t think so, but in that case, they would be tying it all with money just like other sites they are very much in competition with.

3. Was there a user pattern not preferring zero cubit games and so the site is forced to keep this restriction? oh! come on. People are always interested (more!) in their ‘rating’ which keeps them ‘high on’ and come back to the site, but not really in how many cubits they ‘earned’ by winning.

So, in the end, I am not sure why this is as such, but only that the rest of my Sunday is gone and I can’t play chess with my waiting buddies anymore for today 😦

bad chesscube!!!  You owe me an explanation.. This is definitely not a proper way of monetizing the user-time spent on your site.

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3 thoughts on “why is #chesscube shoving off people?

  1. Thanks for the comments in your blog.

    ChessCube has been building out its virtual economy over the last few months. In order to establish cubits into the game economy we began a process of distributing daily cubits and at the same time charging a nominal cubit fee per game.

    In these type of economies it is important to balance the liquidity of the system along with the potential of additional cubit sales. Our recent testing of the effects of the daily allowance vs charge show that certain players, such as yourself, may play many games normally and therefore would be disincentivized upon running out.

    As a result we have decided to drop the cubit fee for rated games from next week.

    Hope to see you back on ChessCube on Sundays!

    Best regards,
    Mark Levitt
    CEO ChessCube.com

    • balu

      Thank you so much Mark! It is so nice of you to have changed this policy and I bet it will have its own, definite, positive paybacks.

      kudos to your team for a fantastic site like this 🙂


  2. Jeff Jefferson

    Well it’s back, good job.

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