Why don’t people blog? or tweet? or fb? or pulse?

No offence! but this is just my observation. Please let me know if I sound naive in saying something.

And also, I ignore for now, all those who don’t have an iota of interest in blogging or other online-life stuff.. I call them type-1 category and will write it out in a separate thread ;;)

And here comes the lame 😉 excuses from all those who are not a type-1 :

spread out please!

How long will you keep it all inside?

I don’t find anything worth writing about, today:

ah!  the lamest of all. You know the ‘wh’ questions right? Who, What, When, How, Where and Why!!!  Like you see — Why is it so embarrassing? How beautiful it is? When did i lose my inquisitiveness? What the.. ?

If you had not come across at least one of these wh questions in a day (or in the last week or a month), you wouldn’t have probably ‘lived’ that day.. sorry!

I don’t suggest or even like if you put every such thing into a blog post or tweet it, but then there should be something that is worth sharing right? look out for yourself…

Why should I tell you what I am thinking of it?

um.. this is the most typical of all reasons and I would love to discuss this further. You need not tell ‘me’ anything about it, but you should tell yourself…at least.. right?

As an individual, you must already be having your own version of everything that is around you.. um, you try to understand something that is given to you in your own ways.. you make your own opinion of everything that you come across.. you know whether you want it or not.. you know whether you like it or not…….. tell me if you don’t do all this.

So, in this process, it turns out to be very interesting if people share their likes and dislikes, it would be fun and mutually beneficial if you can find some like-minded people, its fantastic if you can vent out what you can’t say to your manager face-to-face, or its just pretty cool if you let me know how good you are at something..  More than all, it makes you predictable. Men are not just a body and some appurtenances, but there is this mind thing that keeps signing out all your actions & reactions right? So, I think its good to know what you think of it inside your mind. And its even better if you publish it out to the entire world.. 😀

I don’t know of a good platform to do it out:

oooh!  you suck man! wordpress is out there.. come on 😀

or at least you can go to the blogger right? what? you don’t know how to post in your own language? Did you try the google transliterate, boy?  ah! now what? you didn’t see the new yahoo home page? don’t know what is pulse? eeek!!!

sorry man! I am not interested in all this:

phew! so you are the type-1.. um.. i will fvck you all this type in a separate thread.. pl hang on… :p

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9 thoughts on “Why don’t people blog? or tweet? or fb? or pulse?

  1. I loved the honesty of this post. 🙂 I’m glad I could help inspire it in some way.

  2. హెహ్హెహ్హె… బావుంది బావుంది.కాకుంటే నువ్వు ఇంకో చాలా ముఖ్యమైన వంకని మర్చిపోయావు బాలన్నా. అది నేను మాట్లాడిన చాలా మందిలో అంటే ఒక తొంభై అయిదు శాతం మందిలో ఉంది. అదేంటంటే, “నాకు మెదడులో ఎన్నో ఉన్నాయి రాద్దామని. కానీ ఎలా రాయాలో తెలీదు. నాకు అంత సృజనాత్మకత లేదు.” ఇదీ వరస. ఏంటో మరి, రాసే వాళ్ళందరికీ వాళ్ళకంటే ఎక్కువ సృజనాత్మకత ఉందనా వాళ్ళ అభిప్రాయం? నా విషయాన్నే తీస్కుంటే, నాకు అసలు సృజనాత్మకత ఉంది అని నేను అనుకోను, కానీ రాస్తుంటే, ఆలోచనలు అవే వస్తున్నాయి. అలా రాసుకుంటూ వెళ్తున్నా. కొన్ని కొన్ని సార్లు నేను రాసింది బాగోకపోవచ్చు. అలా అని నేను రాయడం ఆపను. రోజు రోజుకు నేను మెరుగవ్వటం మీదే నా దృష్టి అంతా. నేను ఇలా రాయటం గురించి మాట్లాడిన ప్రతివాళ్ళతోనూ ఇదే చెప్తాను. రాయటం మొదలుపెట్టమని, రాస్తుంటే అదే వస్తుందని. ఇప్పుడు కూడా ఇది చదివే వాళ్ళకి, చదువుతారు కానీ రాయని వాళ్ళకి చెప్తున్నా “మీ మనసులోని ఆలోచనలని, భావాలని ఒక్కసారి ఏదో ఒక మాధ్యమం ద్వారా బయట పెట్టండి. అప్పుడు మీకే అనిపిస్తుంది – ఇంత మంచి పని చేయటానికి ఎందుకింత ఆలశ్యం చేసానా అని.” ఇంక మాధ్యమం కావాలి అంటే, చాలా ఉన్నాయి. బ్లాగ్స్పాట్, వర్డ్ ప్రెస్, ఇంకా ఎన్నో ఉన్నాయి. రాయాలి అని నిర్ణయం తీస్కున్న ప్రతిఒక్కరికీ ఇవే నా అభినందనలు.

    • balu

      well said kanna.. its all about the beginning.. and then becoming predictable…to let others know you in and out.. and by this post, i only requested to give others a chance to know you better .. if i can inspire at least one guy to start blogging, this entry would be deemed a grand success.. 🙂

  3. akp

    people dont blog (or for that matter anything) because they don’t want to, its as simple as that. Blogging like many other interests is out of interest (duh!) now one photgrapher cannot wonder why does the whole world does not get into photography or may be a trekker cannot think why the rest of the world start trekking this logic extends to all the things in the world, the more we wonder about such things the more we sound naive.

    But this is something weird that you thought of, I always used to think how to make others read my stuff, you went a kilometer ahead and thought why not everyone write!! hehe

    • balu

      hey that ‘i-don-wanna’ is nothing but ‘why-should-i’……ain’t it?… And as for the photographer/trekker logic.. there is a small missing link in there.. I am asking you to start telling out that you are a photographer, leave alone changing everyone else….. And to become a photographer, you actually have to go and learn something, talk to or read someone.. or at least you need to ‘learn’ how to hold a camera and where to click it, right? So, this interaction with a 2nd person is something mandatory in almost everything we do… and this post only requests to extend that interaction from one->one to one->many, to grow all these limited-men-pockets into a tight network…

      and it looks like the traffic statistics bothers everyone though 😉

      • akp

        you missed it again, a photographer can tell others that he is one but he cannot ask others to be one. So if someone is allergic to photography (someone who hates memories) then so be it. 😛

      • balu

        J yes yes bro! I got your point… trying to change everyone to photography would be quite annoying and stupid, but this post is all about why the photographer is not telling out that he is a photographer… And now if you ask me, why I am trying to turn everyone to blogging, then yes it would be annoying and stupid too, but I was NOT doing that.. I was only trying to understand why they don’t blog 🙂 😉 and why they don’t share.. its all.. No compulsions.. its their life right? If only I can inspire but who am I? oh!!! who am I? who am I? <pop_out_eyes> """""who am I?"""" </pop_out_eyes> looks like a nice topic for a new post 😉 hehehe

      • akp

        ok ok got you on that!! Who am I!!!!

        On inspiration……ah leave it!! Looks like I am tending to be a misanthropic nihilist!!

  4. its awesome inspiration.. on the other side to help you find an answer as to why they dont blog, its the same reason why you dont drive at 100 kmph, its the same reason why you dont travel every weekend, its the same reason why you dont do phd, its the same reason why you blog , its the same reason why you care.. its the same reason why you eat.. its the same reason why you earn.. look at it deeper bro..

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