kids are real fun

Its been 5+ months the bundles of joy arrived at our home and I wonder how/why I couldn’t give them some space in my blog till today. Its quite sure that your life & daily routine change forever with the advent of new borns.  You play with them a lot. You like his smile. You buy lot of fashion/funky dresses for her.  You spend all your time with them and what not 🙂 And the first thing I observed is that the time just flies by with the speed of light.  The last 5 months passed off in a snap, I can’t believe it.

Anyway, here is a brief video I really enjoyed compiling over the past few weeks, playing with them, taking their pictures, talking to them etc.. I hope you too will love watching it.

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2 thoughts on “kids are real fun

  1. Sailaja

    They look so adorable.. chooooo chweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  2. Chandu

    nice video mixing 🙂 kudos
    keep the title as 5m, i thought u placed a video of a 5 yr old kid 😉

    one advice from my personal experience with kids in and around my family…
    keep talking to the kids constantly, these days even a 1 yr old kid is hardly able to speak few words other than dad, mom etc..

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