the one-rupee story

the one rupee

the one rupee story

Who cares if its just a single rupee? But its bothering me too much of late.  Particularly in the last 24 hours, I just freaked out.

See these small things from the time I started at home to bangalore:

  • The tea/coffee vendor in the Railway compartment was charging rs.1/- extra;
  • The vegetarian meal was charged 1/- extra too;
  • The butter milk vendor on the railway platform gave me a nice smile when i questioned the 1/- extra on MRP;
  • Newspaper, chips, cool drinks were all charged 1/- to 2/- more and the magazines were even 5/- dearer;
  • The guy at the pre-paid auto counter at majestic railway station was asking rs.2/- instead of 1/- as service charge;
  • when I came home, the milk booth nearby was demanding 1/- extra on each packet of milk;
  • Going to office and the boy at the ‘free-air’ point of the petrol station was asking 1/-  too;
  • Forget the auto drivers, bus conductors, street hackers… and the list is unending….

And this is not what frustrated me the most.  When I started questioning, most of them, who should otherwise feel guilty, stared at me as if I am doing them gross injustice. The guy at the auto pre-paid counter was even ready to assault.  The milk booth guy loudly justified why he is charging extra and also told me not to buy milk in his counter, if i am not willing to pay with a smile.  The pantry car experience was even worse.  He straightly yelled that there is no printed menu card and i can consult any railway official if i have any problem.

Even then this is all ok, because I kind of expected those responses. But what hurt me most is how the others around me reacted.  Even when I was telling the people in line at pre-paid auto counter that there is a printed receipt only for rs.1/-, none of them listened to me and went on paying rs.2/-. i will forever cherish the expression of that guy who was collecting the money.  The next person in line even mumbled something against me too.  heck.

Times Of India, sometime back, made a conservative estimate of INR 80 lac to 1 crore turn-over  PER DAY of this one-rupee-extra business ONLY for the milk sold in Bangalore (that is in JUST ONE CITY).  You can imagine the volumes for Indian Railways and other stuff.  There are so many big scams everyone talks about, but in my opinion, these smaller scams are the ones that are purely going unnoticed but could be quite bigger. If you think people are not aware of this, then you are wrong. They know this, but are just lazy and complacent to raise the voice.

So, why am I writing all this nonsensical, boring story?  wasting all your reading time..

It is to request you all to say NO to such practices and start questioning whoever charges this 1/- extra.  At least I will not be alone and someday we can all make a difference together.. And one more embarrassing request:  PLEASE SPREAD THIS MSG and only thats how i get more people on board.

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8 thoughts on “the one-rupee story

  1. Sailaja

    Totally agree with you. Revolution should start with every individual. And I had the similar kind of experience when I went to India 2 years back in the train…

  2. Chandu

    hello anna..u can make a difference at some POS(Point of Sale)in the above scenario..Just ask the vendor their license no or get their stall no noted with a pen or on your mobile. The owner will come back after you begging..It happened with me @Sec’bad. The stall owner cam back to me and gave my 1 rupee back. You can get a success story from TV too in the same context. I can say that the people who are charging that ‘extra’ amount are the real beggars rather than those who sweep the railway compartments and ask for a change!! They will keep the compartment clean of what ever stuff we throw in the train. We shall be responsible for keeping our premises clean. People will never change their attitude. Phew!!I know people might feel us as crazy, nasty and what not when we request them to keep the compartment clean..They will make a fun of us if we talk of the extra rupee we are paying!!Some might feel we are doing correct, but they will not lend their hand or raise their voice when they face the same situation, especially the educated people. They feel it as a luxury/privilege to pay..

    I think I am over reacting..Let the voice come out from people. Let us not hope some one brings an agitation in this cause..People are the force, they can lead for any good cause. Leaders are not just meant to be followed by others!! They are just born out of a situation and one day you might have to take the ownership of leading..if not it will be something like “Who will bell the Cat”

  3. t v bhaskar

    అడగకు అడగకు ఏదని నీ రూపాయి
    అడిగిన వారె అల్పులని నీ అనుభవాలు తెలిపాయి
    అందరూ ప్రతి లావాదేవిలో వదిలేది రూపాయి
    ఓహ్ రజని ని కోటీస్వరుడ్నిచేసింది రూపాయి
    రూపాయి కోసం అడిగితే వెకిలి కళ్ళు మనకు వేలెత్తి చూపాయి

  4. Srihari

    Nice point.

    I also keep a tab on these small things.

  5. I also tried and trying to protest these “One rupee EXTRA” demands. Wherever they ask for extra, mostly I wont buy there. If its dying situation then only I pay that extra. Actually, whatever Im buying, most of the times, I am making sure that the vendor is giving me the “CASH RECEIPT” NOT “ESTIMATE”/”QUOTE”/SOMETHING like that. Recently I bought an electric gadget at an electric store. At first he didnt give me the “CASH RECEIPT”, instead offered me “ESTIMATE” receipt. I asked for a “CASH RECEIPT” then he told me that the gadget would cost more which is nothing but the MRP price. I paid him the MRP and got my gadget and CASH RECEIPT. And there are people who are charging an extra ONE rupee for cold drinks as “COOLING CHARGE”. I think cold drinks are meant to be served cool, ie, without the extra cost of cooling. I never buy things at such stores/shops/whatever…. I always demand for “CASH RECEIPT”. I request all of you to demand for the same whenever you are buying something. I assume that you all know the concept behind the CASH RECEIPT. It will go into the books of the vendor and he has to pay income tax/sales tax for that thing. Otherwise he need not pay the sales/income tax and that money will become the black money. Just think of the hundreds of thousands of such shops in India and the black money they are making without paying to the COUNTRY…

  6. Actually its our right to demand for a CASH RECEIPT.

    • Chandu

      Not all the cash receipts will be calculated for TOT(Turn over tax), etc..but only the cash receipts which have the TIN nos, Sales Tax Nos, etc will be accommodated for such purpose. All other cash receipts which do not have a number allocated by govt are called as Zero Bills means no liability to govt

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