My favourite words on Individualism

Many years back, when I read those paragraphs, I shivered to grasp the intensity with which it promotes Individualism and the Freedom of Mind.  I admired Ayn Rand for the famous work ‘The FountainHead’ and I present here to you my most fav part of the novel, the appealing speech mr.Roark gives defending himself.  This is one of the audio bits i always wanted to collect and keep in my library.  It is little contextual but the verve it propagates is universal. I thank the author and all the crew who made this work available to the audience like me and I am deeply thankful to all of them for enriching my experience and broadening my mind.

I believe you will not feel the 6 minutes wasted, by listening to this.  Pl let me know.



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3 thoughts on “My favourite words on Individualism

  1. sailaja

    Too good. Well said

  2. good balu…again u proved to be the creator of a very nice message…and i proved to be the parasite who simply reads and admires…


    • 🙂 the one that loots is parasite.. but the one that reads/admires is God.. because the Reader is God for a blogger .. hehehe 😉 (just like the Customer is God for a shop-keeper)

      thank you both for spending time on my post 🙂 (and then actually leaving your comments.. thats the part i like most 🙂 )

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