I saved the kitten but..

When my wife told me that there was a kitten at the gate, I knew what could possibly be happening downstairs.  Two humans trying to push it outside with a stick and the two dogs waiting on the other side with gleefully dirty claws.  And when I picked it up, i could see that strange expression on their faces. I knew I can’t keep the kitten at my home for various reasons., but I also knew i can do something quick. I brought it up and found that its mustaches were trimmed may be by those unruly kids on the road.  There were 3 wounds not exactly bleeding but explaining why the kitten was shaking wildly.  It was not even drinking milk.

I had only two options.  Raise a request for adoption or call  some NGO that takes care of the kitten.  I really appreciate CUPA for responding immediately. (inside veterinary college campus, near mekhri circle, bangalore. phone: 22947300). The 15 km drive to their place was so soothing inspite of the bumpy roads and insane bangalore traffic, may be because I knew I was doing a good thing. But then, it opened gates to another new world I was not completely aware of.

In the past, I visited ICUs, old-age homes, rehabilitation centers and even mortuaries that exposed me to the pain of human beings. But, I never knew there was so much suffering in the animal world too… at least, I never thought of it seriously till today.  I saw so many dogs almost of all sizes and other animals there in very bad physical conditions. Most of them were strays rescued from the streets.  The center was a large space doing a very good job. I couldn’t stop appreciating the courteous staff that quickly admitted the kitten and made me sign some papers. May be that was all I owed to that hapless kitten.

When the suffering makes you deny the existence of God, the saviors let you believe in him.

In the end, this episode made me take only one decision. That a tiny part of my salary from today would go to animal welfare too…. just the little i can do for now 😐

thanks for reading,
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4 thoughts on “I saved the kitten but..

  1. subhadra

    Thats really nice Balu…..Appreciated..:)

  2. that awesome man. really touched. Two things.. one- saved the kitten, two- giving part of your salary for the animal welfare..

    People who bull**** with the problems of keeping them at home should learn from this how they can help in other ways..

  3. Ramesh

    Good Job Balu!!!

  4. Satya

    It proves still humanity there..Appreciated Sir !!!

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