flickr vs picasa :: a hard comparison

I waited too long to publish these points just for the sake of cross checking ’em all.. but now I realized it is not possible without actually using the Picasa.  And I won’t be doing that anytime in the near future.. so I just decided to publish the raw table as is and take the help of my friends and other readers to do the corrections wherever necessary.

                                     flickr                    picasa
storage 1TB (yes, 1 terabyte) which means if you take a photo every hour of every day you¹d have enough space for 61.4 years 🙂 1GB total. Anything addl to be rented
Viewing for free accounts, only the latest 200 pics are shown to viewers. You can still upload new ones every month based on monthly limit. Old pics linked in blogs etc continue to appear there you can’t upload anymore once the 1GB limit is reached.
private sharing guest pass – you can view stats on each pass auth code – share by email.. no further stats
image sizes stored/viewed in various sizes automatically one original size optimized for web viewing if needed
license various types of creative commons copyrighted to invidivual
groups lotsa pro circles to share/discuss not any that i know of
social twitter,facebook buttons and various blogs same here
publishers who knows, some magazine can call you for a pic anytime not any that i know of
upload mobile, desktop, email and also some one touch apps same here
downloads visitors can download any of the sizes available only one size
videos only 90 sec duration (2 per month for free accounts). 1gb per video (thats ur free quota though)
people categories different controls for friends,family, public, private only public and private
picture categories a basic photo stream, then ‘sets’ and then ‘collections’ albums
geo features geofence – a privacy control based on geo locations not available
editor 3rd party editors same here
seamless integration not available picasa tool is available
upload type JPEG, PNG, non-animated GIFs. anything else will be converted to JPEG only JPEG (remember this is a lossy format)
HD videos you can upload 1 as a free account, but only pro accounts can play back in HD format no HD
feeds RSS feeds on uploads, comments etc. not any that i know of
community leaps and bounds ahead of the 2nd place with millions of users. i don have numbers but its not the first
automatic face recognition not available available (someone pl confirm)
Search superior. you can search based on content, tags, comments etc available. (pl give your feedback)
Cost pro account costs some ~25$ p.a with unlimited space, upload limits etc ~5$ p.a starting “20GB” (if you cover one ‘marriage’ occassion, thats approximately 5GB on a normal digicam)
Inactivity free accounts are deleted after 90 days of inactivity tied up with G account which is kind of eternal

pl let me know if you find any discrepancy or wherever you want the content to be modified. I want to make this the final comparison as I don’t find one this exhaustive anywhere in the web.  Now I believe this helps you making a choice and perhaps you can let me know in the comments section 🙂

t h a n k s ,
< balu />

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6 thoughts on “flickr vs picasa :: a hard comparison

  1. I think first stmt about Flickr regarding storage.. if i am not wrong Flickr only shows first 200 photos even though u can store more than that with regular account. second point, i had very hard time how to store as albums and share with only few ppl in Flickr .

    • thanks for reading/contributing sailu. yes, only the latest 200 are shown for free accounts. And it actually turns out to be cool, as you can still upload new pics every month. (old pics blogged still appear in blogs). Its not the same with picasa where we can’t even upload once the limit is hit. I am putting this point in the table. And while checking this, i also found that the flickr free accounts are deleted after 90 days of inactivity. But picasa won’t do it as its just tied up with a G account that is eternal 🙂

    • and creating an album and sharing with few people is pretty easy.. after creating a ‘set’ you can do this with just a few clicks in the ‘organize & create’ tab. If you put them in a specific privacy control like ‘friends’, ‘family’ etc, then only they can view.. and if those people are not registered/categorized, then you can generate a ‘guest pass’ from the ‘share’ button which appears on every pic,set or collection..

  2. Thank you Balu. This really help me to choose!

    • tq Francesco.. happy it helped u. Let us know your choice too and perhaps a brief ‘why’.. 🙂 just curious.

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