Life to me is..

A one shot recording of a 2 minute essay on what life means to me 🙂 pl don’t mind the tech glitches.

pl click the above ‘play’ button (soundclound player).. or read on:


Life to me is a chess game, so i always start with a few prepared bookish moves and I know everything else is completely random, dynamic and incidental after the start.. Everything I do is started in a completely planned manner. Everything I start is absolutely error proof in the beginning.

Life to me is a chess game, so I play the middle part even more carefully. Come what may, I am prepared. I am planned and I am ready. I make my moves cautiously and I take pleasure in the randomness that comes my way. I enjoy the dynamism and uncertainty that surrounds me. The stunning beauty of life, mixed with the myriads of emotions encircling the glory of my past, present and future.. nudging my soul to always optimize whatever is given to me.. leaving a trail behind, my own trail, my own mark and my own scent that tells you I have treaded this way…. that I have played that game.

Life to me is a chess game, so I end it gracefully.. win or loss. What and how I played is most important to me than the outcome.  I never forget a loss. and I don’t care to remember a win. I learn new things all the way. I respect my opponent when he shakes his hand with an utter sense of disbelief that he lost. And I salute him when he leaves my arena with utmost admiration in his eyes, without knowing that he prepared me for my next game.

Life to me is a chess game, so its not what I learn or play that gives me the full pleasure. Its that profound sense of satisfaction when I share my knowledge, experience, wins and losses with whoever seeks a minuscule amount of help to learn something from my life, is what makes me ecstatic.

Life to me is sharing the knowledge.


thank you for your time,


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2 thoughts on “Life to me is..

  1. rajesh

    Darknight Rises 😛

  2. rama


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