Ginger-Vegetable-Cashew-Ghee Upma

It sounds casual but there lies lot of improvisation in this… I didn’t get a proper chance so far to introduce my culinary skills to you.. 😉 yeah I am a foodie and I cook  great dishes too (for myself ;):P) .. So lets  see the first of this series… Ginger-Vegetable-Cashew-Ghee Upma.. 🙂

Ideated & Improvised by 'Daddy'.. Implemented & Engineered by 'Mommy' :)

Ideated & Improvised by ‘Daddy’.. Engineered & Implemented by ‘Mommy’ 🙂

You know Upma is the fastest energy source, don’t you? Its light on stomach, digests fast, some quick calories and makes for a great breakfast. And here is how we tried it today which turned out to be a great hit (as usual 😉 )

  1. I like strong Ginger flavor/taste and so added lot of this hot spice.. thatz the trick and main ingredient here;
  2. Fry the cashew nuts separately with surplus Ghee and use it as topping in the end; Never miss to ensure they are just golden in color;
  3. Because I am a grass-eating goat, that I always appreciate a ton of vegetables in everything I eat;
  4. Cut the veggies in uniform shapes to give it all a proper texture;
  5. Tempering is an art and you should use all the big list of spices and roast them moderately adding one by one, adding the hardest first; So the nuts/dals go first and the mustard seeds, jeera be added in the last moment;
  6. Coriander be sliced in tiny to small cuts and used in the last few mins of stewing;
  7. I like it spicy and so are there a bunch of Mirchi.
  8. Finally, when you are serving it in the plate, make a small trough and fill it with the ghee/cashew that were fried separtely;

Lets talk about the nutrition, calories and health benefits of this great dish some other time.. Its already a big log post 🙂 I don’t want people to shun away because of its length.. 🙂

Its all guys.. and then you have to eat it.. its all 🙂 How do you like it? lemme know.

thanks for reading,


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