my suggestion implemented :: numbered exit routes

so, did you understand why they are numbered?

so, did you understand why they are numbered?

I was, am and always will be an ERT member. Perhaps because I have seen enough of fire and water and so knew the value of life. I find people almost always mocking a false alarm and growl about the sorry announcement.  Fire Drills are never taken seriously and people walk with a certain sense of unwillingness when asked to move out during the prep drill.  All this when we continuously see/hear/read of fire accidents in one or the other place all the time.. huh!
Anyway, I had suggested (sometime back) to number the exit routes, which was quickly put into action by the concerned authorities. I felt so happy.. Thought of sharing this with you all.. Who knows? It can come handy and save someone..

BTW, we have 4 exit routes in our 5-storeyed, glass-walled building with ~26 steps between each floor. Two of those routes open up at the perimeter of the building and so are a bit safer if you too are a paranoid like me.  We have 3 types of fire extinguishers, 8 in each floor. We have fire alarms, sensors and water pipes everywhere. We also have an enormous water hose that can reach the top of the building, just in case if needed. We do at least one fire drill every year.

Am not saying this all to bore you to death.. Please go and check all these things in your workplace.. It helps. 

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