Jowar Ootappam with Ginger-Jaggery Chutney

Traditional, Delicious and Healthy

Traditional, Delicious and Healthy

జొన్న కలి జొన్నయంబలి జొన్నన్నము జొన్న కూడు జొన్నలె తప్పన్
సున్న సుమీ సన్నన్నము పన్నుగ పలనాటి సీమ ప్రజలందరకున్  – శ్రీనాధుడు(1365-1450)

The above Telugu poem written some 600 years back, stressed the important role played by Jowar (Sorghum) in the Palnadu Region.  Jowar was a mainstream food source back then. It was healthy, inexpensive and so was damn popular in the lower/middle strata of the society.. The sarcastic quip that really excites me though is the subtle comment on Rice.  The poetic exuberance in recommending Jowar (and its various Recipes) stands even more relevant in today’s times..and relevant for everyone of us.

He was my fav great poet, and that was about my fav great cereal and so comes out my heart shouting it loud.

Its just another trendy experiment that turned out to be a delicious treat this morning. And that made me a sumptuous breakfast 🙂 thanks to my wonderful wife 🙂

Preparation is easy and intuitive. Taste is awesome. You know how to prepare Ootappam, just that you use Jowar/Urad combo instead of Rice/Urad.  Don’t forget to go with the ginger-jaggery chutney that complements it all.

So what are you waiting for?

thanks for reading,


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One thought on “Jowar Ootappam with Ginger-Jaggery Chutney

  1. chandu

    sooper anna…

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