first day sookti muktavali

going to school for the first time :)

going to school for the first time 🙂

first day in school is always cherished forever, even though you don’t know where you are going..if only someone has taken a pic/video and  give you when you are grown up..  hehe .. So, the duo started going to a playgroup in a nearby school (thats a whopping 25k I paid in advance, rather a small gift for the  father’s day 😐 ) and we tell them:

* Be friendly with everyone.

* Be obedient to the teacher.

* Learn ABCDs well.

* Don’t bite anyone.

* Don’t destroy toys there.

* Don’t throw away objects.

… and so many other things.. phew!  The beginning of a new era…

Nothing but we can only wait for whatever tumbles down 😦 Its scary man.. but yeah, its all part and parcel 🙂

Happy schooling boys! Wish you all the best and may you be blessed to achieve great many things that the world would remember forever. 🙂

/yours happy mom and dad/

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One thought on “first day sookti muktavali

  1. ratnam

    best of luck dears.

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