why chesscube sucks and how NOT to design a chess site!!

Heck! Only after playing a few thousand games on ChessCube, I realized I am playing at a wrong place:

* I can’t delete my own Account when I don’t want to play there any more; (sheer disgust)

* I can’t download games I played, all at once, without paying them $$; (poor monetization)

* I can’t just play chess until I am tired; (to hell with their cubit systems.. finger, its becoming too much)

* I don’t have a dedicated app to play chess without using a browser; to save games locally; to analyze them later; ( now a bare minimum )

These are enough reasons for me to stop playing in there.. and as I figured out the best and greatest place to play chess is on FICS (freechess.org), the Free Internet Chess Server.

I will soon explain how/why FICS is the best place with all the free chess analysis engines and apps available.. but for now… bye bye chesscube 🙂

I have just mailed their support to delete my account and lets await their reply.. It can be an indefinite wait or may be I have to pay for that too… Not sure.

thanks for reading,


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4 thoughts on “why chesscube sucks and how NOT to design a chess site!!

  1. Did you tried chess.com

    • o yes bk! i play there too.. but only the points-1,3 are good so that i can delete my account and i can play incessantly.. but downloading my games is still a pain as free members can do it only one by one.. there is no app for chess.com that i can install on my desktop which can save my game automatically in a local folder.. so, I don’t play much on chess.com either.. Its all possible only with the FICS.. will explain all this shortly in a separate blog entry 🙂 tq for reading this.

  2. ChessCube can do without your slander

    • Nothing personal Avid Cuber.. chesscube is relatively a fresh approach/site, they didn’t have to be the same old rotten sites with the age old monetization conventions.. They could have done it better by NOT doing what I pointed out.. I didn’t like those points and if you don’t care, then you dont… I respect your choice but if you happen to play ever on FICS, lemme know.. we can settle it there.

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