Images always Inspire

Images Always Inspire

yes, they do.


I had this photo framed on my wall for so many years (12”x5”).. I loved the two extremes of human mind posing in a single picture… scientific excellence on one side and a literary marvel on the other. In fact it was one picture that kept me motivated through some of my toughest years.

If I ever get a chance to have my own wall-to-wall painting, this would be the one that stands first 🙂

Photo Courtesy: “The Hindu”. I scanned it from that news paper and got it framed, at a time when I didn’t know anything about copyrights. Not sure of the original photographer. May GOD bless them and now I would not think twice to stake all my earnings to buy the copyright, if needed.  What is there in this pic? I can’t explain. You can only feel it.

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