5 most important reasons for starting your own blog and start writing!

A 200-year old love letter that I once asked my friend-and-love-guru to proof read and to analyze the hand-writing.. Try reading his comments.

A 200-year old love letter that I once asked my friend-and-love-guru to proof read and to analyze the hand-writing.. Try reading his comments.

Writing is a cursed bliss, I say.

My writings are like my memories. To relive a memory, world has so many things to help you, like photos, videos, people, places etc.. But there is no such help for writing. You can’t remember a writing unless you write it.  To actually ‘write’ something, I have to do it immediately when I feel like writing it.. I can’t write the same piece in the same manner if I miss the moment. Its just like missing that key moment of taking a photo.  I don’t have anything to help me continue writing in the same nerve/vigor once i stop it.. That’s why I say its cursed, but yes its bliss… Try writing something and see it in a shape.. you will understand what I am saying.

But Ok! why should you write?

  1. For all the billions of people in this world, there are only few who can ‘write’, whatever crap they write, of course.  But everything written is important. No? Who knows?
  2. Just like your camera gives you pleasure taking the pictures you want, ‘writing’ too gives so much pleasure along with a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and a possible word of appreciation and perhaps a rare pat-on-the-back… Just like that one pic out of the hundreds you took, which can never be replaced/compared with anything else in this world.
  3. If you look back at an old post, its as much pleasure like looking at an old picture, or may be more. Because there will be words that explain so many emotions you were going through, at that particular point of  time.
  4. It makes you predictable. Trust me, this world likes what is predictable.
  5. It tells the world who you are. It explains what you think of something or anything. It announces your likes, dislikes, passions, pains and what not. It makes you an open book for the world to come in and know you better.  Don’t expect the whole world to read your blog though, but the ‘few’ friends you make when they read it, they bond so tightly and are invaluable in your life.

That’s all the 5 most important reasons I believe should get you started with a blog today.

Don’t you agree with me?  Please feel free to let me know and the ‘comments’ section is all yours 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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6 thoughts on “5 most important reasons for starting your own blog and start writing!

  1. brahma

    Super sir…

    I am inspired by you. your something unique, trust me your one of the best people i meet in my life.

    I decided to start my blog – it’s name is “Brahmasutras”

    • thats wonderful brahmaji.. Name itself is attracting.. go ahead.. am waiting..Never think of the whole world following you.. but think of one single person who thinks your blog is his world..Thank you so much for reading and commenting and getting inspired.. 🙂

  2. Sailaja

    Every word you wrote is true. But it is hard for people like me to write.. 😦 but i guess i will take your inspiration to write something eventhough it is horrible..

    • thank you so much sailu.. yeah.. people liking your blog is only a collateral gain… After 20 years, I bet you would surely love reading your old posts.. Its so much of a personal pleasure.. And the posts would be good and become better as we share our experiences in a honest way… go ahead.. am waiting for your blog.. 🙂

  3. Chinni Krishna

    List of things I usually do when my work gives me break – gmail.. facebook.. balu’s blogs.. etc

    One reason I’m sure why I like reading your writings is your ‘Bala’nce in expressions 🙂 May be you were named with this thought 🙂

    • haha.. am honoured CK sir.. thank you very much for reading me.. Bala’nce.. haha.. may be its counter-intuitive that they named me so because I really lack it mentally 🙂 but yeah its a sexy nice thought/quip you gave.. 🙂

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