yes, some life lessons from your kitchen!

idly-pizza-and-european-beer.. pl don't laugh but thats all I could garble for today

idly-pizza-and-european-beer.. pl don’t laugh but thats all I could garble for today


I am not a food-blogger, neither am I a good cook for that matter. But I found:

Kitchen is one place to do the safest and cheapest of all my experiments 🙂

And I think I actually learned some serious life lessons while cooking and really wanna share with you. I may sound stupid, but there is serious reason in all of it.

No matter how careful you are, you will cut your fingers at least once:

Same is the case with life. We think we are doing an excellent job and lo comes the bolt from unexpected skies burning everything down on its way.  You have to gather yourself again and move on. There is no point in stopping there and lying dead, right?

It takes great care and planning to cook something in the exact quantity you eat:

Aah! Now this is about calculations. It can become more philosophical to discuss ‘what I want’, but how I want it, how much I want it and when do I need it are all eternal questions. I see many people either spending their lives in mindless work cycles, or if they are privileged, they waste their years without actually working on anything. I can’t even imagine a person waking up and going to bed again in the night without doing anything fruitful in a day. But, yes! there are thousands of such people around. They don’t add any value to this world, other than their weight to the Earth. So if you see someone balancing his work and personal lives in a better way, never shy away without appreciating him then and there.

To cook something great, you have to spend ‘time’ on it:

Now, what great thing can be achieved in few minutes? I am not talking about the TV series ‘one minute to fame’ or whatever.  If you really want to do something big, something great and something unique, it really needs a lot of time to learn, to prepare, to execute and to absorb/share the results. The more time you take, in the right way and right direction, the better is the impact.


What do you say? I will add more but for now its all 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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One thought on “yes, some life lessons from your kitchen!

  1. Rajani

    Idly pizza? or Dosa pizza :).. good going Balu.

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