How to clean your mind in two minutes?

Everyday we wake up and clean our nails, tails, skin, bowels and all possible physical systems.. But there is nothing we do to clear our mind of yesterday’s crap. To get rid of all the bullshit, pain and dirt of the past, we do nothing.

That’s why perhaps our ancestors have proposed the concept of religion and God, tried to make you believe in it and then let you sit down in whether you call it puja, prayer or any other ritualistic procedure that tunes your mind into a good frame and frequency, then quell all evil from within first.

Say the few words everyday and see the difference!

Say the few words everyday and see the difference!

As for me, the closest I can go to this ideal  goal of mind cleaning is by prayer and meditation. I know it’s complicated or a funky thought for many but what I do is simple. Everyday I wake up to kneel down, close my eyes and say this:

Thank you God for giving me good food and good sleep last night.  Thank u for giving me one more day to spread goodness.  Thank you for keeping me away from all the evil spirits and presenting me with a wonderful company of good people.  Please bless me, my family, my friends and my world with your Love and Direction. Yesterday that person was crying in agony.  Please bless him and show him a way…

It goes on like this for few minutes and I open my eyes to a calmer world, cooler weather and a better society.

I don’t know what all psychological changes it does inside me but it helps. Try it yourself.  And if you don’t believe in God then pronounce your own name there but never miss the prayer.

I clearly felt my mind being cleaned by doing this.  Cleanliness is DIVINE.

Hope that helps you too. God bless.


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