One reason why companies fail or their products flounder!

Intelligence can be cultivated… Hard-work can be farmed… Talent, Leadership, Aptitude and 100 other productive traits can very well be groomed, bred and gardened.  Even ‘Creativity‘ can be mined. But there is one characteristic thats just inherited and exhibited but can never be inculcated.. Most companies fail and their products flounder when they miss to appreciate this one innate instinctive impulse in their employees.


Yes, there are only a few souls in today’s competitive market that actually speak their mind out. A very few would push back something that is crappy but which is being forced onto them by a sole virtue of autocratic authority. Rest of the sheep would just accept and only make things worse by continuing to build stupid products and latching onto them until everything burns down to ashes.

Should I tell you the wonderful story of “the Emperor’s new clothes?” hahaha Its OK.. So the next time when you meet with someone who is talking straight, please don’t hesitate to jump and lock the lips 😉 🙂 😛

thanks for reading. Pl lemme know what you think.

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