I better thank these people at least now.. publicly :)

Better late than never and I better thank these people at least now.  This day exactly a decade ago marks an important turn in my life and here are the people who helped me wade through the murky waters and the labyrinthine dungeons.

13My sister Subhadra

The one who has been instrumental in pipping my computer dreams. She gave me a way by actually showing me what to do and how to do…  7,9,0 are just some digits for everyone, but they were a mantra for me at one point of time.  For an already extremely self-driven and self-inspired man like me, imagine what you can do if you pump up tons of inspiration from outside. Thats what was proved later circa 2005.  Thank you very much Sister.  I wouldn’t have been here without you.

My friend Dattu

Oh! I can’t explain what kind of a phenomena he is. A superb marketeer with an extreme vision, he is a relentless example of success. He too had a humble beginning but where he is now and where he is headed to be, is something just short of a miracle that is called human achievement.  The day he reached my place and the moment he started staying with me in that small thatch hut in a remote village, he began changing me for good. Thank you so much ra Dattu. I wouldn’t have been here without you.

My cousin Prabha

An epitome of affection, belief, sensuality and success herself, she was nothing short of persuading me to a new door. Sometimes you feel good if people believe in you blindly and that gives you a lot of strength to go on.  That can perhaps land you in actual success, its blind faith you know. Thank you Prabha. I wouldn’t have been here without you.

My brother Sai

Aah! what can I say about this lover boy?  He was far, he was reserved, he asked little, he spoke little.. But his achievements sublimely kept me going. Man of true grit, talent and determination, he is no doubt the subconscious platform on top of which I have built whatever little I am today. Thank you brother. I wouldn’t have been here without you.

My wife Swarna

Um. Let me start with a big Thank you first, my love. Show me a wife in this world who bought her husband’s vision, eyes closed. Show me a girl under the sun, who walked into darkness and uncertainty just holding her husband’s hand tight. Show me a lady on this earth, who believed in her man’s dreams just as much as hers.  I said I would fly in the air without wings. I said I would walk on the water without gills. I promised her nothing short of an ‘Antilia’ without having a penny in my hand.  I embarrassed her and the world by staying jobless at the nadir of our financial graph.. What not? But she stood there all the time with a smile. With her big eyes wide open, she always looked for my success and prayed for my well being. Thank you again chinnu. I wouldn’t have been here without you. Truly.

And there are many others without whose mention I can’t close this post. From the Teachers who taught me to the Managers who believed in me, its an endless list. But you know, this is not the last post.. I have dedicated plans for each of them 😉 Stay tuned ;):P and thank you too for reading this far and trying to understand what I have gone through.


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One thought on “I better thank these people at least now.. publicly :)

  1. Rahul Bhattacharjee

    Balu, have you read this post by Kennedy lately 😉 –

    “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

    good job!

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