I am a fighter plane

sexy straight lines

I am a fighter plane. I am a bold body and a burning core..

I have taken down the tallest empires.. I had hunted down the fastest birds.. I saw pilots shrieking victory and flying to places.. then I saw some squealing pain and breaking into pieces..

I was alone and in packs when I flew through fire and hurricanes..I burnt my tail quite too often, I nose dived into forests and oceans.. I lost my wings multiple times but never lost my mind even once.

I have scars all over me but they give me peace, pleasure and pride.. I am broken badly but ever ready for a rough ride.. I stand proud and tall, my vision and will never small.. My body can be anywhere but my spirit always looks down at the skies.

I carry cargo now but I am a fighter plane.  And I will be, forever.

// balu

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