AAA!! not insurance.. Its about a life style!

What is so proud to be a premier member of the American Automobile Association (AAA)?

Its not about some insurance or your car towing… Its all about a life style. What a century of automobile enthusiasm can do to your roads, your roadtrips, your preparation and to your take home experience. Their history first impressed me, their member discounts are unparalleled, and the amount of travel data they have is just mind blowing.

Today I heard over the FM radio that they are giving a sleeping bag for anyone who takes a free quote. I went there to ask one for me as I am just a few days old member. They happily gave me one but thats not all. I wanted few location maps for my future trips and was just overwhelmed with the material given to me by the lady executive in the counter.  It could have otherwise taken many days of my Internet time, don’t you forget your inability to print large paper maps nor how hard it is to compile a handy list of reliable hotels and services.. And not to mention their DMV services, movie tickets, shopping discounts and car rentals..

So I think AAA is not just your car insurance company… AAA is everything about travel… Its about a life style!!!


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