Travel Log: Trinidad, Portland, Seattle and Crater Lake

End of 2015 in a classic wanderlust way with a 2320 mile road trip also setting my new personal record 

Wow! It was such a fun to see huge rainbows spanning the full horizon, blinding rains, blazing interstate speeds, whiteout snow challenging my guts, deep ice trembling my car and super slick roads shaking my confidence. And then the gigantic redwoods with living trees as huge to pass a car thru, the mystic aura of intense forests, the refreshing air that fills your lungs n mind with new energy, the splashing sexy water falls whispering new ideas and the crashing pacific waves charging you for the year ahead.. And then searching for Sasquatch in thick forests where its dark in the afternoon and the invaluable time with friends in the middle of nowhere, ziplining gondola ride above the tall redwood tree canopy,  that nostalgia in a family get-together, my 5 year old kids setting their own hike record of 8 miles,  meeting a childhood friend after 20 years, greeting a long time puppy who can now lick my cheeks standing straight, peeping into an incredible business empire and see how a Boeing 787 is made, staying with strangers who are unbelievably hospitable and caring..  wow! wow! wow! Here are only a few of the pics that give me a high looking back.


with babai my father figure and sis family


December 31st night at -10°C temperature in snoqualmie pass, WA


Fern Canyon — another 1 mile of wet beauty thru the tunnel in the background


Its still a living and kicking tree.. after 2100 years


thats the rendition of the first leg of journey 🙂


Photo Courtesy: UXER


try wild elks next time 😛


the subtle beauty certainly whispers 😉

multnomah falls in portland, Oregon

Defy your own self.


There are only 4 of such ‘dream lifter’s in this world and one I have already captured in this pic 🙂


My kids’ own record of an 8mile hike to the Fern Canyon


bumblebee – my sweet subie


Turn right after 313 miles… wow.. A road bug’s high 🙂


chase a bear every time you are in the woods


One day I will surely meet this ‘bigfoot’ guy


America’s deepest lake might also be the bluest beauty


Thats the end of the year 2015.. Tubing at snoqualmie pass on December 31st night at -10°C temperature..

tubing at snoqualmie pass


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