hiking Rose Peak in Sunol Wilderness (only for advanced hikers)

This marks my personal best record of 19 miles, 4k elevation in 10.5 hours.. yey!

And this just happens to be the tallest publicly accessible peak in the Alamada County. Hiking it is very strenuous, the heat just kills, any amount of water is not sufficient (drinkable water is only at the visitor center, for emergencies there is untreated water at Hawk’s Nest) and the long distance would seem to be never ending. Trails are well marked but you better carry your own gpx as you can get lost at few places, but overall we enjoyed hiking this. Never try this alone. We hardly saw any people there and its not worth risking your own self in the vast wilderness. This is meant to be for advanced hikers, but of course I did. 😉

Golden Valleys (with fire hazard warning ‘EXTREME’ of course)
golden valleys

Touch the clouds
touch the clouds

Hawk’s Nest campground
Hawk's Nest campground

You should hike 11 miles to get to this humble flagpost.. aah
you should hike 11 miles to get to this humble flagpost.. aah

thanks for reading. Don’t try this alone or without proper planning.


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