Why should you vote for Trump this time?

Before we start:

  1. In POLITY, you first have to get rid of your emotions. That is mandatory, to think clearly, to take better decisions (before or after) getting elected as a leader.
  2. Even a voter has to do the same thing, get rid of his own emotions to elect his leader. Because the leader gonna change a lot of things for you. and you can change a lot of things for your leader. So, both of you pl do this first.
  3. Lets then briefly touch upon how America can influence the other countries. Oil, Gold, Dollar Value, Military, Science, Space, Agriculture, Trade, Internet, Secret Services.. These are the major fields where big Daddy is the supreme commander OR share the seat with few others, so can ‘decide’ or ‘veto’ almost anything, LITERALLY. Why am I saying this? because you should understand the difference between MONEY and POWER.. because you should know that a businessman may slow down after a trillion dollars in his pocket, but a power monger can never step back, can never slow down, and is ready to do anything to continue the chair.
  4. Now lets take a look at this entire election episode from 3 very very very broad angles.. EMOTIONS, POWER and MONEY… and we can then drill down to granules and subjective issues later.

Where do we start?

Identifying and acknowledging the problems at MACRO level is the basic thing to start with. And what are the critical issues now for America? We can broadly say:

  1. People — Employment, Immigration, Diversity, Co-existence …
  2. Processes — Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Wages …
  3. Security — Internal and External, then Terrorism …
  4. Society — Guns, Drugs, Healthcare,  Color, Racism …
  5. Polity — National and International affairs, State Resources, Imports and Exports …

So how do we take it?
While the manifestos and rosiness of the candidates’ views are debatable enough, it is important you should mention the issues you would tackle in the next few years.. I would prefer you to be frank if you are going for a President. As a common man, I see the top issues as:

  1. China: Yes, this huge country with enormous man power is crippling many Economies in the world with its behemoth manufacturing capabilities. In a way, China is offloading its burden of over-population very cleverly on every other country. I didn’t say its illegal, I said its clever. And on top of that, China and America have intertwined their Economies so badly that one would surely pull the other down in any eventuality.
  2. Mexico: Yes, human resource contribution from this country is undeniable. The nuts and bolts of every day American life is mostly a Mexican blessing. But it also brings in other issues like illegal immigrants, drugs, violence, cross boarder crime etc. On a different note, these are common issues every time a rich and poor country duo sit side by side.
  3. Taxes: The amount of American profits stashed outside this country is just staggering. The wealth of 1-percenters must be respected and handled carefully to encourage them bring that money back, contribute positively and fully to the American society. No way that would happen if you increase taxes. That would be a blunder which would drive many billion dollars away and out.
  4. Terrorism: Now its truly global and who fed and raised this beast? What is the crux of this violence? How would have Arms deals and International politics influenced this from the beginning? Who were the people behind? What are the profits at stake?
  5. Freedom: From the hand gun of an octagenerian in a remote farm house, to the music from an LGBT club in the center of a cosmopolitan city, what defined the American life and success is Freedom, Opportunity and Equality. Its admiring work by few of the Statesmen that built the foundations of deveopment in this country. American History is so fascinating for sure and I will study it for my thesis but as of now, I couldn’t stop praising those people and circumstances who resulted in this.

Now come back to the duo who are on the stage!

Both of them are keen to handle their manifestos in their own ways, but who is touching upon all the 5 above? with specifics? And what about the amount of diversion being created in this election? For a minute, forget this is a Presidential race and close your eyes and listen to what is happening:


  1. Clinton and Obamas: 80% talk emotional, nice quotes completely exploiting the other guy.. very formal and superbly trained professional presentations and speeches.. And hey! Why would you put the other guy’s resume on your own website? and see the content, so nicely written emotional propaganda.. aah! do you want to win? or do you want him to lose? There is a ton of difference..
  2. And you start your campaign web page with Captain Khan’s place in America. Don’t you? Such an emotional start. I salute him and his family and their sacrifice, but they are being played nicely this time.
  3. On the other hand, Trump acknowledges the actual problems with solutions I personally think are good but the way he presents them in TV is only fanning emotions… And the videos that are in circulation, the kind of remarks and quips he is known for, are completely unprofessional and seem to be intentional than illogical.


  1. Lets just talk Taxes for the sake of time, space and complexity in this discussion. Lets ignore the friendship between politicians and billionaires, but just watch the Warren Buffet’s “promotional ” video. Wow, GDP itself is a screwed-up definition, ask any data scientist why including the 1-percenters income in this calculation would grossly influence the overall numbers. Ask a grass root level socialist activist, what percentage of people are on daily wages, middle class etc and how exactly they are represented in the GDP numbers, but what? Buffet is comparing the GDP of 1930 to 2016 and says a six times increase is an achievement? I didn’t expect him to talk like that and it hurts.. aah! What was the cost of living for two when you were a kid, dear Sir? And how can you compare two completely different scenarios? what was America in 1930 and what is it now? Are you really serious an average American is making $56k? How would a daily minimum wage of $10 correlate to the GDP averaging? Such a nice advertisement video with twisted facts..
  2. Your Inversion laws won’t work. Its a profit made in another country and that money won’t come back to US unless your tax is lesser. “exit taxes” are a joke and you don’t specifically talk implementation details. How can we decide it at all and make it work? Its common sense, that money would never come back with all the phoney affiliates and porous tax laws. Don’t fool the public please. And what? Have you been fighting inversions for the last one year? Another joke.. why didn’t you realize this much earlier? And will you raise $80 billion over the next decade? Thats peanuts when you compare it with the USD that is stashed outside US.  You must get the whole cake back, not just a tiny piece of it.
  3. Fair Share Tax? From the people who have shot down some comprehensive tax reforms to help the common man (Simpson-Bowles commission), you couldn’t “Limit mortgage deduction to exclude 2nd residences, home equity loans, and mortgages over $500,000” etc which was like one of the basic proposals but you want to sugar-coat your tax propositions with a $47 billion income on FST from the top earners? What a pity no one talks about all this on a neutral unemotional platform? And yes ‘middle class‘ is the catchy phrase in all the 3 debates.. grrrr!
  4. Buffet Rule” is bad. Instead of overhauling the entire tax code to fix the core problems, you are trying to add another layer of cheese on top of a rotten cake and still boast it? Taxing investment money will kill the economy, enthusiasm to do well, jobs and everything developing. I may sound like a Republican but I am just a common man looking at the complexities of tax from ground zero. Answer me.
  5. On the other hand, Trump’s vision talks common sense which appeals to me. Talk to any consultant in the Job market and he will explain the myriad ways to exploit the working companies here. Talk to any entrepreneur he will explain how the tax system is killing creativity by making it all so hard. Reducing the brackets, giving importance to child care provisions, raising deductions are what all needed by America now, if you ask me. Trump sounds right there.


  1. I can go on touching upon many other issues, but thats not my intention. There is something very dramatic in the 2016 American elections and this is the first time I am closely watching a Presidential race in America. I feel sorry that there are too many ’emotions’ involved that they seem more staged than spontaneous.  It gives me a feeling this is an election NOT for “eligible voters”, but for “gullible voters”.
  2. Republicans would have won this time hands down with any dumb nominee, be it anti-incumbancy, be it the Democratic failures, be it a reluctance to give them a 3rd time but the way Trump [is / or projected to be] handling it all in such an unsophisticated way surely is raising eye brows. When Democrats are running for a 3rd time, why would the main opponent suddenly turning out to be a misogynist, foul mouther, divisive politician, bankrupt businessman and a racist? Isn’t it more of a propaganda than what he actually is?
  3. The largest media house was talking about how bad trump is when the 2005 video came up.. But when Hillary’s campaign emails were leaked, they were talking about privacy laws than the content of the campaign drama. wow. Media is rigged for one time.
  4. Whether Trump is a conspiracy or not, I don’t see Hillary’s proposals do any good than on paper. And I see valid points in Trump’s positions.

Conclusion for now:

I don’t see two contestants here.. I see only Hillary.. and everything else is working towards making her win… Trump & Video Leaks, Putin & WikiLeaks might be two such cards played on EACH SIDE to let one lady win.. THATS ALL. Don’t let it happen if its true.

If she plays a puppet on the other side to make her own way, let the puppet win and slap the conspiracy. 


If this is not a conspiracy, then Trump’s proposals obviously make sense and he MUST win.

But of course, the choice is yours in this great country that has achieved MANY many things in just a few centuries where a bunch of ancient civilizations are still struggling on their knees. I respect America and its choice. Lets see.

thanks for reading. Please leave your comments.


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