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పుట్టినచోటే ఆగదు చినుకు ... అడుగెట్టిన చోటే ఆగదు బ్రతుకు .... ఎందుకు పుటకో .. ఎందుకు చావో ... చచ్చేలోగా గమ్యం వెతుకు ... అది చేరేవరకు తప్పక బ్రతుకు.. తల ఎత్తుకు బ్రతుకు ... తల ఎత్తుకు బ్రతుకు ... The one word that best describes me is 'bold'... I don't argue with hypocrites ... I am yet to learn sugarcoating my frankness... I don't wear a smiling mask and I smile only when I am really amused.. I am silent when I am thinking... గెలిచేవరకూ ఓడిపోగలిగే సత్తా ఉన్నప్పుడు కోరుకున్నవాటికన్నా కోల్పోయినవే ఎక్కువుండటం పెద్ద సమస్యేంకాదని నమ్ముతాన్నేను. .. ఎన్ని కొమ్మలు నరికినా ఎదిగే చెట్టు నా ఆదర్శం. ఎన్నిసార్లు క్రిందపడినా ఎగిరే కెరటం నా దైవం. ఎదురీత నా మతం. ఎదురెళ్ళటం నా నైజం. మిన్ను విరిగి మీద పడినా, ప్రపంచమంతా ఎదురు నిలిచినా, పీక తెగి క్రింద పడినా.. నమ్మిన దానికోసం నిలుచునే ఉంటాన్నేను. మనో దౌర్బల్యం అస్సలు నచ్చదు నాకు.. I believe in transparency. I play lot of chess and all outdoor games besting many. I like interacting with new people but hesitate to make new friends, not many do mean it... ముగ్గురు మరుగుజ్జులకన్నా పొడుగ్గా ఉండటం కన్నా, పదిమంది పొడగరులకన్నా పొట్టిగా ఉండటం నాకిష్టం. I admire psychology and philosophy. I adore people who made great sacrifices for the benefit of mankind, and also those who silently make little contributions to their fellow-humans without expecting anything in return. I am a kind of "half-of-me-party-hard-in-crowds-n-the-other-half-loves-reading-books-on-a-lonely-beach" person.

you are welcome to the family foosball championship (weekly)


  • Every Sunday afternoonUntitled
  • You and your spouse are a team
  • Each team plays 3 games with all other teams on that day
  • Potluck or Pizza Lunch
  • Entry fee $10 (to start with) and the lady in winning team takes all

Lets have some fun as adults. Bring your kids too but focus on your own game. They can play separately :). We can drop the entry fee if none of the teams are interested in OR we can bump it up, bet separately likes if someone wanna become a little richer by the evening 🙂

This is an open invitation welcoming you all to get hands on and have some fun. Beer and wine are on the house 🙂

Please feel free to ping me for any questions or directions.


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apple ripples

If you hear someone bite an apple loudly, you will most likely to eat an apple yourself in the next few days.

Do you agree?

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How many windows?

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grow-up Whatsapp users!! please!!

Dear Whatsapp users,

  1. Aren’t you tired of forwarding every joke to every other group?
  2. Typing/copy-pasting the same festival wishes into almost every room?
  3. Brazenly forwarding pics/videos that are not yours which are otherwise copy-righted, without mentioning any credits to the source?
  4. Too many groups that are solely circulating entertainment, but nothing of any life-worthy points like books, politics, psychology, parenthood?
  5. Supporting the so called fake/viral news and latest fashion is even adding funny a disclaimer: “I don’t know if this is true”… How else the kcuf do you think the fake news spreads?
  6. And oh yeah.. changing the DPs with your “best of the best” photos which actually make you unrecognizable if someone sees your original face?

Come on!  Its time to evolve. If you are not already doing this:

  1. Maintain domain-specific groups and share only related updates.. Your effing jokes will all be limited to only one group in that case.
  2. Never ever forward “something” if you don’t know for sure its true. Understand the dynamics of fake news. This will largely discourage the assoles getting paid for nothing.
  3. Always attach the source of every picture/video/news. In that way it can be backtracked, gives the creativity a chance to grow and get recognized and lets the fakers step back.
  4. For the sake of the society and for the future of your own kids’ , pl start discussing books, psychology, parenthood and politics etc.  Start voicing your opinion. Thats how we correct each other.
  5. Stop posting your food and home decor.  If you feel like sharing, start blogging.  A blog will keep track of what you are posting, reaches out to a larger audience and enriches the overall online knowledge-base.

Thats all I can think of for now. Please add in the comments if I missed any or if you have another great point.

thanks for reading.


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Talent, Future and You

Talent, Future and You

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what do school kids and software engineers and managers all need alike?

మట్టి గాడీల్లో మాంచి గెత్తం వేసి, కంటి పాపలా చూసుకుంటూ కొబ్బరినీళ్లు పోసి పెంచుతుంటే, పూలూ పళ్ళ మధ్యన కలుపు మొక్కలు కూడా పెరుగుతాయిరా బుజ్జిగా! వ్యవసాయం చేసేటోడు ఆ పిచ్చిమొక్కల్లో నేలతల్లి బలం చూస్తాడు, నీరు పారిన తీరు చూస్తాడు … సాయంకాలం ఓ గంట ఎక్కువ పనిచేసి కలుపు మొత్తం పీకి పక్కన పోస్తాడు … మర్నాడు పొద్దున్న మరింత అందమైన ప్రపంచాన్ని ముందు రోజు రాత్రి కలల్లోనే చూసేస్తాడు …

అంతేగాని, చేసిన పనికి ఇలాంటి ఫలితం వస్తోందేంటని పని పూర్తిగాకుండానే బెంగ పడిపోయేటోడు, ఆఖరికి అనుకున్నంత ఫలం రాలేదని బావురుమని ఏడ్చేటోడు, అసలు మొత్తం బెడిసికొట్టినా అక్కడితోనే బతుకు తెల్లారిపోయిందని చేతులెత్తీసేవోడు వాడు రైతే కాడు … వాడు మళ్ళీ ప్రయత్నించలేడు .. పడి లేవలేడు ..

అందుకేనేమో బడికెళ్లే పిల్లలదగ్గరనుంచి బడాబడా కంపెనీల్లోని ఇంజినీర్లూ మేనేజర్లవరకూ అందరినీ ఓ ఏడాది తప్పనిసరిగా వ్యవసాయం చెయ్యమని ఆదేశించాలి మన ప్రభుత్వం.

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global cuisine or a globetrotter’s humble dinner?

I didn’t realize at first but that is a freshly baked French baguette served with Israeli olive oil from the Arbel mountains at the Sea of Galilee, sprinkled with Italian seasoning and the famous Californian garlic salt… truly Global cuisine? haha, no, a globetrotter’s humble dinner I would say 🙂
global cuisine - humble dinner

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greatest trick for better communication between wife and husband, men and women.

I finally figured it out and its my responsibility to share this secret recipe with the rest of the world. Whenever a husband communicates with his wife, he must remember these 3 rules: 1) Say it with love; 2) Say it softly; 3) Say it again… I bet you will never have a communication problem again.. for all the marital bliss for eternity.. All the best to you.
greatest trick for better communication between wife and husband, men and women.

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I support Ilayaraja for one a very valid reason

Felt happy and really appreciate the Maestro Ilayaraja sending legal notices to SPB and starting a new discussion and possibly a new era in protecting the intellectual rights in India’s Music industry.   May be this is the right time we create a legal branch to protect the intellectual rights, collect royalties from the big daises and corporates whenever a creation is reproduced in any form, then use that money for the welfare of the Music industry while duly paying back a Lion’s share to the original creators.

I Support what Ilayaraja did. 

Imagine a song writer, a musician and a whole movie crew working hard on creating a master piece song… and that song is then used by thousands of other big guys in the live shows etc generating huge revenues.. Such money never goes back to the original creators while the intermediate groups become billionairs leeching on someone else’s creation.

Don’t support this heinous unregulated intellectual robbery of rights in the Indian music industry. If you don’t buy piracy, if you don’t encourage plagiarism, then you shouldn’t be buying tickets to all those live shows making an intermediate group filthy rich when many of the actual creators are languishing in poverty.  I wish the Industry wakes up at least now to start thinking in this direction.

I support what Ilayaraja did.  What do you say?

thanks for reading.


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Sorghum Dosa

If gluten-free, dietary fiber and essential nutrients are the first to go in your breakfast, then hail the culinary wisdom of India, here is the best of all millets for its mineral richness and overall popularity among the medieval taste buds.. The Sorghum… and a dosa out of it.. Enjoy it with a good topping of onion and ginger 🙂  #millet #mania #continues #sunday #experiment  (For best taste, Sorghum and blackgram in 3:2 ratio, soaked for 8 hours and batter fermented for 5 hours)

Sorghum Dosa

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రాగి ముద్ద — ఉలవ చారు (finger millet balls with horsegram rasam)

millet mania continues.. The #sunday #experiment with the finger millet balls and horsegram rasam turns out be finger-licking delicious.

And the 2-tea spoons of rice would keep it all together.
రాగి ముద్ద -- ఉలవ చారు

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I support Uber

Yes, I didn’t like the exaggeration deleting this wonderful app when Uber actually helped travelers by taking the surge price off.  Will you do the same and delete your medical app just because the hospitals are open during a certain political period? #foff you and your thinking. Sorry protestors! I am with you, but ain’t it all about a freedom of expression?

What can Uber do if all its drivers are voluntarily in the protest and parked their cars for good?

And why weren’t you asking to close the airports too, why only car transport?

So, try to understand the many Uber drivers who were also with you on that day and for God’s sake, shun these attention craving celebrities and people.  (Yes, celebrities and people are two different biological segments for most of the times). And the Uber drivers belong to the latter and are with you, I am sure.

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Legume Paradise — బొబ్బర్ల దోశ – ఉలవల చట్నీ — Black-eyed-peas dosa with Horsegram chutney

If you are an energy freak but likes a zero glucose, zero fat, zero cholesterol recipe, then this wonder combination with superb amounts of soluble Fiber, symbiotic bacteria, Iron, Potassium and Zinc will be on your menu, salute the Leguminosae.  You don’t need guts of steel to digest these but the health burst will surely be visible the next time you go for a hike or hit the gym..  Along with that heavy coat of nicely baked onions and ginger, this will also help tune your body to maintain a steady temperature no matter what the weather is..  Try it out and lemme know. Traditional Indian Recipes never let you down 🙂 #sunday #experiment
బొబ్బర్ల దోశ -- ఉలవల చట్నీ -- Black-eyed-peas dosa with Horsegram chutney

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మసాలా గారెలెన్నున్నా మామూలు గారెనే మిన్న

తాజా కరివేపాకు ఘుమఘుమల కమ్మటి నూలుపప్పు పచ్చడితో వేడి వేడి గారెల కొండను ఢీకొందాం!
మసాలా గారెలెన్నున్నా మామూలు గారెనే మిన్న

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