thatched hut on a calm sea shore

thatched hut on a calm sea shore


On a piece of trash with a broken pencil, from the heart of a painter for the sake of a fossil. #smudge #practice #drawing remembering the soul of an old life.

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real time lessons

Daddy is painting after a long time 🙂 and his brief 5-minute lesson on drawing real time objects looks overly simple on paper but kids picked it up quickly and they even started drawing objects that are NOT displayed… If only you appreciate how difficult it is to imagine something in your mind and put it on paper whether its a painting or a write-up that you will spend those 5 minutes with your kids and give them a certain opportunity to open a new door in their minds 🙂

Its never too early to buy them easels..

Daddy's real-time-drawing lesson

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lunch at berlin

simple colors on pencil drawing

simple pencil colors

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