greatest trick for better communication between wife and husband, men and women.

I finally figured it out and its my responsibility to share this secret recipe with the rest of the world. Whenever a husband communicates with his wife, he must remember these 3 rules: 1) Say it with love; 2) Say it softly; 3) Say it again… I bet you will never have a communication problem again.. for all the marital bliss for eternity.. All the best to you.
greatest trick for better communication between wife and husband, men and women.

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I support Uber

Yes, I didn’t like the exaggeration deleting this wonderful app when Uber actually helped travelers by taking the surge price off.  Will you do the same and delete your medical app just because the hospitals are open during a certain political period? #foff you and your thinking. Sorry protestors! I am with you, but ain’t it all about a freedom of expression?

What can Uber do if all its drivers are voluntarily in the protest and parked their cars for good?

And why weren’t you asking to close the airports too, why only car transport?

So, try to understand the many Uber drivers who were also with you on that day and for God’s sake, shun these attention craving celebrities and people.  (Yes, celebrities and people are two different biological segments for most of the times). And the Uber drivers belong to the latter and are with you, I am sure.

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నాలాంటి సామాన్య ప్రజలకి అంకితం (A half minute gripe)

Not to sound philosophical, I started to dislike getting stuck in an endless routine.. And what better time than a weekend to vent your gripe?

Contrary to the Karmic philosophy which says a soul takes multiple births based on its bad deeds, I strongly believe the next birth, if at all, is given only to people who do good things here… If you are of the types sung in this folk, you won’t get a chance to be here again… Enjoy this half-minute song:


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unintentionally emotional blackmail :)

My kid innocently said:

Naannaa! Today after taking bath, I went to Puja room and chanted the sloka ‘Shuklam Bharadham…’ and then asked the Elephant God to give me ‘skating boots, helmet, walkie-talkie and binoculars’.

Daddy laughed his heart out but fainted with responsibility and of course happy (i) seeing him ask all outdoorsy items; (ii) that my kid’s correlation of his toys to be a grant of God;

Ain’t this the daily dose of warmth that is worth writing in my life book? 🙂  Whatz yours today?


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I detest YellowStone killing the bear

My heart goes out for the hiker (ranger?) ‘Lance Crosby’ who was killed by a bear in the middle of a forest.
And my heart goes out for the female grizzly who was killed by men in the middle of a civilized, most advanced, world’s best, noble democracy called the USA.

This is ridiculous, stupid and plain bull shit, YELLOWSTONE.. YOU CAN”T KILL THE BEAR..

1. Why kill?

Their official response:

We have limited options for relocating bears. Relocation can shift a management issue from one area to another, and there is nowhere to relocate a bear that it won’t eventually encounter people. Bears also have a strong fidelity to their home range and will usually return to it. Adult bears typically don’t do well in zoos or similar facilities because of the drastic change in lifestyle and habitat.

Thats not a reason enough to kill the grizzly. So killing her is convenient for you, less of a hassle and management, least of the cost? If this bear tasted human blood and may kill more, then you can send her too to the zoo as well as her cubs.

2. Did you give her a fair trial?

Did you see if the hiker provoked her intentionally or accidentally? What did the bear say when we asked her why she killed the man? How would the hiker be penalized for hiking alone and without carrying the bear spray/repellents? <disbelief>Ah! and was he a ranger himself? </disbelief> Did you take the witness of the cubs into the proceedings? Did we kill EVERY murderer who has ever killed another man? Same argument sounds so reasonable, no?

3. How many more will you kill?

When the human race is invading into the animals’ territories everywhere, how many more of them will you kill? And just because you could capture her? Because its convenient for you? Who framed this law? Why aren’t anyone talking against it?  And what is the difference between a bear killing man, and a man killing bear? oh God! Where do we stand as a civilization?

4. F*u*c*k you. I ban this national park.

Yellowstone spokeswoman Julena Campbell said the cubs, if captured, would be killed or adopted by a zoo or rehabilitation center.

wow! great… I pity the cubs. I had many plans to visit this beautiful national park  but I am cancelling all, until you get rid of this stupid law.  I may just be one visitor for you, but yes I will not visit this foolishly beautiful place. I didn’t observe till today that your name resounds #stone #age

I Pledge.  And I would pray for the man who was killed by the bear.. and the bear who was killed by the man.

5. Counter arguments/philosophies:

  1. If a man intentionally jumps into a bear ring in a zoo and gets killed, will you kill that bear too? because you should, with the reasons you have given above.
  2. Did you ask the family members of Lance Crosby if they would give mercy to the mother bear?
  3. When was this law framed? What was the basis and the input data? How relevant is it today? Do we have similar laws in all other national parks? For all other animals? huh! I see bear on the flag of California after all and we kill them officially.
  4. What could you have done if a group of bears ate him? Kill them all, A**oles?
  5. Did you submit an alternative theory? Did the Judiciary oversaw the euthanization? What if he was killed in a fight, assault, mistaken animal behaviour or by other means and the bear only just ate him? How do we know if some other man didn’t intentionally kill him and put him with the bear?
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Beginning of a life!

Yes, Curiosity is the beginning of a life! A life worth living.

I don’t know how many of you look at the stars in a night sky and wonder about what lies behind that curtain of silence and what awaits us beyond that layer of scintillating darkness. But when I do, it always puzzles me. I ask myself a hundred questions and then I stand up and go try answering them one by one. I might have already lost the opportunities to see myself as an explorer scientist or whatever, but I have decided to give my kids a fair chance to be curious.. To be curious of everything around us and then choose their own path to find their own answers. I don’t plan to leave them any inheritance other than spending all my fortunes to develop a sense of eagerness that would eventually let them begin a life. A life worth living!!!

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You don’t have to fight with anyone, ever!

bites of wisdom

.. bites of wisdom

Now, I don’t actually fight with anyone anymore so i dont waste my precious brain cycles.  Because these two words can save me from any fight:

If it’s my wife:

I oblige

If it’s my manager:

I appreciate

If it’s my kid:

Thank you

With any other stranger:

Bye bye (polite)    OR   Fuck off (more personal) :p

….. And I don’t fight with my friends..  All in all.. Its a simple life you know.

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my will

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Friendship, heartache and happiness — How to know who your friends are?

Friendship just happens.  Like that dew on those petals.

Friendship just happens. Like that dew on those petals.

Many years back, a wise man told me:
“Few of your friends would stay close to your heart for all eternity. Be extremely careful in choosing him if you want to be his real friend, because once you are in, you should be able to share his ideas n life without a second thought to who/what or why he is, what he did or does.. “

Thats a time I usually confused my acquaintances with friends.  I was not knowing what specifically defines friendship or what choice I ever had in it.  When did the last time I exactly choose someone to be my friend? Is he my friend if I had spent half my years with him?  What if he turns out to be an asshole? Can we actually accept someone without those second thoughts? .. so many questions, alas! as usual there is no one to answer.. 

Those all who had just passed the ‘time’ with me, slowly faded into oblivion.  Together with whom I spent some boat loads of ‘money’, are no longer seen.. It didn’t matter whether I was rich or poor, but neither a relation nor a friend has ever stayed back if it was not built on certain something.. a certain something that defied all logic and material flavors. It was NOT time, money, college or lineage for sure, but I didn’t exactly know how I had that bunch of souls so close to my heart and I continued to puzzle over this nagging stream of thought for many years, though was silently taking my own notes to answer the eternal question: “What is friendship?

Then I sat down one day and decided to study my own life to come up with a proof or disproof of what that wise man told me.  To reverse-engineer the answer objectively. I reread my old diaries. I recollected my oldest memories. I rang up the most unusual numbers in my phone for endless discussions.  I relived all my secrets once again and remembered all those who could be knowing them and those who could’ve disclosed (badly)… and what not!  Then, I compiled all the information that can help me answer the question and tried to practically derive a list of people whom I can call ‘friends’.  I tried hard to be neutral to each one of them and to myself.  The big exercise was ON:

I started with my favorite thumb rule first.. ’the rule of elimination’:
he is NOT my friend, who couldn’t respect my choice;
he is NOT my friend, whose decisions are based on my age, color, creed or ethnicity; 
he is NOT my friend, just because his friend is my friend; 
he is NOT my friend, who cannot forgive; 

and a little philosophy too teased me here:
he IS my friend, but  I am not guaranteed to be his friend at the same time; 
he IS my friend, but he can still have some secrets of his own;
he IS my friend, but he can have his own life and choices;

At this point, I had some clarity… I plodded further with determination…  I ruled out all assumptions about character and ego…  I gave out brownie points generously… I scrutinized human behavior with humility… This went on for many weeks. Its still going on. It never ends, I know.

To this day, a million people touched upon me when only a few – yes – stayed put and the rest walked away.  So when I look back now, I was a normal man all the way, nothing really great about me, but I am so proud of those few, who stayed in spite of all that is ‘me’.. all that is normal or abnormal… all that is cynical or positive.. or whatever.   They make me happy even when we don’t see each other in years.. even when we don’t speak to each other for a long time. They push me for better every minute, every day.

And every time I thought I don’t have to be cautious in making friends, unfortunately, some buddy would prove me wrong.  I laugh at myself, I laugh at my occasional pain … and I move on. I won’t lose hope you know and keep building my list. I hesitate but I keep making new friends.  

and I proudly shout it aloud: “Friendship is Divine”.  Because its my friends who made me what I am today.  I was impossible sometime back.

Thanks for reading to the end, my friend!


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Love & Hate :: what we should teach our kids by learning ourselves

Hate is big & strong but Love starts small and outgrows it.

Hate is big & strong but Love starts small and outgrows it..

I have read many wonderful quotations all my life on Love and Hate. Devoured a bunch of great books at a relatively young age. But thats all theory.  Never did I experience so much peace than when I actually replaced all hate in my mind with love and started forgiving people. It’s so much lighter to just forget all the bad things that happened to you. It’s even easier to move on by feeling sorry for all the bad things you did to others.

And this is not something you will learn by reading books or by pupillage. You can’t teach this to your friends and family.  You can only do it yourself and then spread the message… So do I now 🙂 🙂 🙂

But if we can live this ourselves, then there is all chance our kids would pick it up when they are still kids. And that I think my dear friends would do wonders to them in growing up to become remarkable personalities.

Thanks for reading. What say?


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first day sookti muktavali

going to school for the first time :)

going to school for the first time 🙂

first day in school is always cherished forever, even though you don’t know where you are going..if only someone has taken a pic/video and  give you when you are grown up..  hehe .. So, the duo started going to a playgroup in a nearby school (thats a whopping 25k I paid in advance, rather a small gift for the  father’s day 😐 ) and we tell them:

* Be friendly with everyone.

* Be obedient to the teacher.

* Learn ABCDs well.

* Don’t bite anyone.

* Don’t destroy toys there.

* Don’t throw away objects.

… and so many other things.. phew!  The beginning of a new era…

Nothing but we can only wait for whatever tumbles down 😦 Its scary man.. but yeah, its all part and parcel 🙂

Happy schooling boys! Wish you all the best and may you be blessed to achieve great many things that the world would remember forever. 🙂

/yours happy mom and dad/

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water, me and rainbow

Have you ever seen the rainbow within me?

Have you ever seen the rainbow within me?

Water, which is colorless essentially,  looks white in a fountain, blue in an ocean and black in the gutter.. So do I… am good, am bad and I am ugly.. but actually I am just me 🙂 ~balu

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bomb blasts don’t scare me

There is a bomb (or many) exploding everyday in some part of the world, probably killing a man, woman or a baby.. possibly hurting many…. whether someone loses life or a limb, yes, its happening everyday somewhere mercilessly.. and

If you think you are in a safe country/district/house with strong boundary walls, then you are WRONG.. because any wall can/will be breached someday… the more you resist/postpone, the worst the breach..

Terrorism and Extremism are now Global pain points, many countries suffering and many more trying hard to contain/counter it.. We would need strong political will, sublime sacrifices and a super strong society to curb this menace, if at all we are doing it anytime in the near or far future. While few countries are good in terms of internal security, intelligence network, preventing infiltration etc., many other countries still lack the infrastructure to go/remain safe..

I live free and wild. I live or die but without fear.

I live free and wild. I live or die without fear.

Lets defer the discussion of how India is vulnerable or what makes us so insecure.. The first thing that comes to my mind which needs immediate address is how people react to a bomb blast.. You see the facebook/twitter likes flooded with statements of fear, insecurity or curse. You find the print/news Media having some fun/profit time with the images, video clips, statements, statuses and tweets.. I think this is all wrong and to be corrected immediately..

Terrorism in its most basic form is growing as a psychological attack…. To rip the whole country apart, you would need a very major blast (something like a Hiroshima) but you can easily invoke fear, scare the shit away of people with a simple tiffin box bomb… And if the area/country is crowded, if the population is innocent and illiterate, if there is no proper surveillance and no good authority to check things, then it would only magnify the sense of insecurity/vulnerability by a thousand times..

So what should we so called literates do?

I understand fear is an integral part of the human biological system.. but as a species, we are more evolved to overcome fear. And at the same time, we must thwart the psychological attack first. Be strong and send that message out. Tweet that you are strong and don’t care a fuck about their bombs or ideology. Update your facebook that you don’t fear at all. Write on your blog and spread the message.

In the end we are all living in a Darwinian Model whether its bombs or brains… Sooner or later the pain would reach you if not the solution.  Lets live or die, but without fear.

It may not solve the original problem, but it springs up courage.. and courage brings a sense of mind.. and then awareness and a solution might follow…. who knows?

thanks for reading.


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choice and reason

choice and reason

got me?

If you can’t respect my choice, then there is all the chance you don’t understand my reason. 😉

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Strong or Weak?

Am I strong or weak?

Am I strong or weak?

I am strong in the deeper core, but my sensitivities and stupidities make me weak.


I am weak in the heart, underscore! but my wounds and surrounds make me strong.


and you? lemme know.

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