How to make elephant’s toothpaste?

Kartikeya’s first chemistry experiment at home..

As parents, its first you who should understand how chemistry can excite kids and then make arrangements for them to explore and entice them into a journey thats worth all the pain in the laboratory 🙂

Long way to go my boy! All the best to you 🙂

Courtesy: “Stupendous Science Experiments” by Rob Beattie

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you are welcome to the family foosball championship (weekly)


  • Every Sunday afternoonUntitled
  • You and your spouse are a team
  • Each team plays 3 games with all other teams on that day
  • Potluck or Pizza Lunch
  • Entry fee $10 (to start with) and the lady in winning team takes all

Lets have some fun as adults. Bring your kids too but focus on your own game. They can play separately :). We can drop the entry fee if none of the teams are interested in OR we can bump it up, bet separately likes if someone wanna become a little richer by the evening 🙂

This is an open invitation welcoming you all to get hands on and have some fun. Beer and wine are on the house 🙂

Please feel free to ping me for any questions or directions.


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grow-up Whatsapp users!! please!!

Dear Whatsapp users,

  1. Aren’t you tired of forwarding every joke to every other group?
  2. Typing/copy-pasting the same festival wishes into almost every room?
  3. Brazenly forwarding pics/videos that are not yours which are otherwise copy-righted, without mentioning any credits to the source?
  4. Too many groups that are solely circulating entertainment, but nothing of any life-worthy points like books, politics, psychology, parenthood?
  5. Supporting the so called fake/viral news and latest fashion is even adding funny a disclaimer: “I don’t know if this is true”… How else the kcuf do you think the fake news spreads?
  6. And oh yeah.. changing the DPs with your “best of the best” photos which actually make you unrecognizable if someone sees your original face?

Come on!  Its time to evolve. If you are not already doing this:

  1. Maintain domain-specific groups and share only related updates.. Your effing jokes will all be limited to only one group in that case.
  2. Never ever forward “something” if you don’t know for sure its true. Understand the dynamics of fake news. This will largely discourage the assoles getting paid for nothing.
  3. Always attach the source of every picture/video/news. In that way it can be backtracked, gives the creativity a chance to grow and get recognized and lets the fakers step back.
  4. For the sake of the society and for the future of your own kids’ , pl start discussing books, psychology, parenthood and politics etc.  Start voicing your opinion. Thats how we correct each other.
  5. Stop posting your food and home decor.  If you feel like sharing, start blogging.  A blog will keep track of what you are posting, reaches out to a larger audience and enriches the overall online knowledge-base.

Thats all I can think of for now. Please add in the comments if I missed any or if you have another great point.

thanks for reading.


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What is so wrong with “conveniences”?

I didn’t see a better example for something that was running in my mind for many months, what can be so wrong with a cuttable kitchen-ready coconut? 

cuttable kitchen-ready coconutNo, there is nothing wrong with the coconut or the business model that made it ready for the kitchen. You don’t have to worry about breaking it, no hassle with the safety of your fingers, right?

But the problem is its too much of a convenience.  At the cost of what? They cut the coconut in two halves and then drained the actual tasty water that was inside (probably there was another business around bottled coconut water).  Then they sealed the two halves with a hard ‘wax’ after filling the space with distilled water and some air. That water is labelled ‘undrinkable’ and you have to drain it after “cutting your coconut” into two nice pieces with a normal kitchen knife.

So far, so good. If you want a coconut along with its natural refreshing water, then buy a normal coconut and break it yourself.  Or if you want the convenience and pleasure of cutting it with a normal knife, then buy this.

I thought a ‘convenience’ is something that makes my life easy. The ‘cost’ I am paying in return, often goes into fine print and I was made to conveniently miss it.

There are tons of such conveniences in our every day life and we are silently paying a price. Our lives were just good without any of these conveniences but we chose them, we pay a price and we miss something in the process, something natural, something good.

Don’t jump into any conclusions yet, but lemme give you few more examples:

  1. We were walking, cycling or taking a public transport to go to a workplace or a museum etc, but now with the transport ‘conveniences’, we go there by a car. Lets not talk about congestion, pollution and global warming now, NOT YET.
  2. We were buying fresh vegetables, or grow them in backyard, or store them for a short period of time, but with all the storage ‘conveniences’, you hardly eat fresh vegetables but just keep them in refrigerator for a very long time, I have seen people frequently throwing away rotten veggies and spoiled meats, almost every week. Lets not talk about the cost of growing and the cumulative loss now, NOT YET.
  3. Many of the families have even given up cooking as a daily activity, with the advent of all cuisine ‘conveniences’, that they just eat out every day.. almost every day. I can’t even imagine myself in their shoes but lets not talk about MSDs, health hazards, carcinogenic preservatives used in restaurants and their lethal impact now, NOT YET.
  4. We were playing outdoor games on a daily basis or spending lot of time outdoors otherwise, but with all the living room ‘conveniences’, we are stuck to TV, I mean your every day entertainment whatever it is.  Tell me what is used more frequently? Your TV or your treadmill? Be frank.
  5. We used to remember by heart, at least 20 phone numbers, another 20 full postal addresses, at least 200 names of people in every day life, people at the vegetable market, grocery store, bus conductors, autowallahs and who not? And the thousands of interactions it triggered, hudreds of relationships and tens of friends. But with all the electronic ‘conveniences’, we hardly remember 2 phone numbers. We don’t go out for shopping groceries, clothes, books at all. The e-commerce is slowly taking it away and yes, there is a ‘one-click’ ordering convenience too. Lets not talk about how many businesses are shutting down in your local area now and the wonderful personal moments you missed just like that, NOT YET. 
  6. We used to go out with different kinds of people and when a true difference came up, we fought, we patched up and then we moved on. We lived a 100 years together in spite of all our differences. But with the advent of friendship ‘conveniences’, you go out with like-minded people. you cut down your risk of getting into a difference. Lets not talk about how you just screwed your mind into a comfy-zone and forever denied it an opportunity to evolve, and thereby run into relationship issues later, NOT YET.

In fact, this list is endless. I don’t want to sound ridiculous or unwelcoming of the modern day changes or the techy pleasantries we enjoy having accustomed to live with.

But I want you to consciously look out and understand the price you are paying for the convenience you are claiming. I am sure it will change your life and lifestyle. 

Thanks for reading.


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What the heck do kids learn outdoors?

For fun they played in snow
In pain they cried in snow
The contrast taught them a lesson which they don’t realize now

Take your kids to the great outdoors and face the elements, let them handle the inconveniences and they will quickly stop crying and start thinking solutions.

You can’t give them anything better as a parent… Anything.
what the heck do kids learn outdoors?

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Bay Area’s best road-trip and my new record 2137 miles, Yey!

Now I know why the American road-trips are a cult. This is one such beautiful trip starting from Bay Area and circling through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park then back home. The kind and variety of landscapes we have seen are just mind blowing.
From an urban suffocation driving through an agricultural vastness into the world’s entertainment capital that leads into a desert dry-land full of neon ecstasy which sits adjacent to a snowy mountain that makes a huge lake which befriends a deep forest hosting the world’s tallest granite rock that pushes down a slenderly beautiful water fall.. wow.. all in a single trip 🙂  
Thanks to a beasty Ford Expedition and its V6 Engine that made it a breeze and my trip a true pleasure with the 8 souls inside sitting comfortably watching the 3D world changing around them all the while 🙂
These 2137 miles also make my new record roadtrip, overwriting the old 1200 miles 🙂 Yey!
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Resolutions of a facebook addict! (helps you too)

fb-pixelled(in the order of priority lower to higher)
I will not open facebook more than once a day;
I will spend only 10 mins on facebook everyday/anyday but not a jiffy more;
I will go out into open world and then post my own effing status to facebook than just liking / stalking others’ statuses. 
I will open nationalgeographic.com or nasa.gov when I wake up every morning but never the facebook.com.
I will empathetically try to understand the psychological problems of people who invite me every day for playing ‘candy crush’ or ‘farm ville’ but never any outdoor game. 
and finally the most important:

I will watch more videos from TED than the stupid  ‘unbelievable’ or  “everyone-must-watch-this” videos on facebook. 

hope this helps you too but sorry facebook, am a bit scornful,

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Visit to Bannerghatta National Park – 20130210

I surely am improved a lot as a photographer.. At least a few pics should tell you that.. 🙂 The ‘waiting croc’, black swan, golden crown, musk deer or any of those macros..lemme know which one you liked most..

Whatever, this is the first visit to a zoo and my kids saw the animals for real.. It was fun watching their expressions.. :):)

thanks for watching,


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why is #chesscube shoving off people?

No doubt, it is my favourite site with pretty good interface to play but i seriously felt bad when I was denied to play any ‘rated’ games, just because i don’t have a minimum of 10 cubits (chesscube currency).  They give free cubits everyday (~50), but once i exhaust them, i am forced to play ‘unrated‘ games for which there won’t be any takers where i have to wait for a really long time to get a game. [Update: Now I can’t even play unrated games without cubits. ] (You can pretty much trade any number of cubits in a game and so you can lose them all in a single shot)

As a Level-11 Level-93 player with more than 560  1783 games only on their site ( imagine the time i have spent there .. an hour of chess everyday is my addiction ), I liked their ranking system, interface, the new sleek ‘seek’ graph and all other recent changes in the system. But, I seriously don’t understand this minimum cubit restriction for playing ‘rated’ games.  What is the reason?

1.  Are they promoting cubits this way? No, it would be negative canvasing and they already have better promotional schemes.

2. Are they trying to make way for cubit rich people on board for an indirect impact on revenue? I don’t think so, but in that case, they would be tying it all with money just like other sites they are very much in competition with.

3. Was there a user pattern not preferring zero cubit games and so the site is forced to keep this restriction? oh! come on. People are always interested (more!) in their ‘rating’ which keeps them ‘high on’ and come back to the site, but not really in how many cubits they ‘earned’ by winning.

So, in the end, I am not sure why this is as such, but only that the rest of my Sunday is gone and I can’t play chess with my waiting buddies anymore for today 😦

bad chesscube!!!  You owe me an explanation.. This is definitely not a proper way of monetizing the user-time spent on your site.

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ministers bowing babas & swamijis

how do you like this idea of our prime minister making a full bow to touch the feet of satya sai baba in puttaparti or some godman? I absolutely hate such things as this. after all, these babas are just humans who happened to be successful in rising their own army of innocent people, who believe in god but couldn’t recognise that a man can never become god. one can atmost use all his wealth & wisdom for the well-being of the under-privileged, but then, he deserves a warm hug for belonging to a minority community believing ‘paropakarartham-idam-sareeram’. they definitely don’t like a ‘sashthanga namaskaram’ because they are more humane than us.

and, why don’t they compete to touch the feet of ‘mother teresa’ ?

what do you say?

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