I support Ilayaraja for one a very valid reason

Felt happy and really appreciate the Maestro Ilayaraja sending legal notices to SPB and starting a new discussion and possibly a new era in protecting the intellectual rights in India’s Music industry.   May be this is the right time we create a legal branch to protect the intellectual rights, collect royalties from the big daises and corporates whenever a creation is reproduced in any form, then use that money for the welfare of the Music industry while duly paying back a Lion’s share to the original creators.

I Support what Ilayaraja did. 

Imagine a song writer, a musician and a whole movie crew working hard on creating a master piece song… and that song is then used by thousands of other big guys in the live shows etc generating huge revenues.. Such money never goes back to the original creators while the intermediate groups become billionairs leeching on someone else’s creation.

Don’t support this heinous unregulated intellectual robbery of rights in the Indian music industry. If you don’t buy piracy, if you don’t encourage plagiarism, then you shouldn’t be buying tickets to all those live shows making an intermediate group filthy rich when many of the actual creators are languishing in poverty.  I wish the Industry wakes up at least now to start thinking in this direction.

I support what Ilayaraja did.  What do you say?

thanks for reading.


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Legume Paradise — బొబ్బర్ల దోశ – ఉలవల చట్నీ — Black-eyed-peas dosa with Horsegram chutney

If you are an energy freak but likes a zero glucose, zero fat, zero cholesterol recipe, then this wonder combination with superb amounts of soluble Fiber, symbiotic bacteria, Iron, Potassium and Zinc will be on your menu, salute the Leguminosae.  You don’t need guts of steel to digest these but the health burst will surely be visible the next time you go for a hike or hit the gym..  Along with that heavy coat of nicely baked onions and ginger, this will also help tune your body to maintain a steady temperature no matter what the weather is..  Try it out and lemme know. Traditional Indian Recipes never let you down 🙂 #sunday #experiment
బొబ్బర్ల దోశ -- ఉలవల చట్నీ -- Black-eyed-peas dosa with Horsegram chutney

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dosa hut

yet another Daddy’s creation 🙂 Its a #spicy #life 🙂

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పాత పెనం మీద కొత్త అట్టు

“పుల్లట్లు”, “చల్లట్లూ” పాత తరం బాబూ .. “పంచట్లు” కొత్త తరం .. 🙂

Stack them all like a burger and take them in one-bite-at-a-time with accompanying ginger chutney 🙂

Flattened rice and curds soaked overnight, add little salt while making the batter and pan fry them into palm sized cookies with different vegetable top-ups… Tomato, peppers, onions, carrot, mint/coriander… served with ginger or sesame chutney.. Enjoy the sunday.

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వెన్న మురుకులు

Packed with energy, this traditional snack made with fine grained black grams, lot of butter, generous amounts of ajwain with the rice flour base., is an instant hit and a childhood memory for every generation of tired kids.

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jowar roti (sorghum tortilla) served with crushed raw garlic-onion-mirchi

Do you see the yummy glow from the hand-rolled jowar roti (sorghum tortilla) served along with rock-crushed raw garlic-onion-lemon-mirchi in the sides and spinach-potato-spice-curry...? yey! I got it so well the very first time.. yes yes I made them all except the spinach curry 🙂 #great #old #indian #village #tradition #recipe

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wheat dosa

add gentle amount of curd and rice flour for the batter to spread smoothly on the pan.. your likes of mirchi and coriander would let it melt in your mouth along with supplementing coconut chutney.

wheat dosa

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VADA Science

Andhra’s staple food that is a science in itself. Simple to prepare yet very tough to get it right, energy warehouse for all ages, delicious in many varieties and is a true signature of whoever makes it. From grinding the lentils well aerated to mellifluously folding them in shape, from uniformly frying em golden yellow to nicely soaking all in full fat curds n spices, VADA is one dish that always gets all guts on 🙂

Back by popular demand for a potluck 🙂 and of course it would go on stage as Dahi Vada today 🙂



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why you should relish your food?

ఘుమఘుమలాడే మష్రూమ్ మసాలా కర్రీతో వేళ్ళు చురుక్కుమనే వేడి వేడి రొట్టెలు .. రండి మా ఇంటికి. మీదే ఆలస్యం 🙂

I ain’t explaining here the science behind how your finger tips pick up the heat signals from what you eat, but relishing your food is an important part of any day. Of course, its not about over eating, but eating the right proportions, the right variety, the right spices, right ingredients, right recipe and the big deal, the right taste. If only you love your food that you can appreciate who cooked it, who processed it, who farmed it and every one who made it possible for you to see it in your plate.
Not seen in this video are a bowl of rice mashed in amla pickle and ghee, a cup of full fat curd, bunch of olives for sides and a glass of clean water… If only you can appreciate all this 🙂 Enjoy your food.

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కొయ్య చెగోడీలు :)

ఇంటికి ఇనుము — ఒంటికి మినుము.. 🙂 enjoy these crackling snacks on this Diwali.. 🙂

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quinoa upma… and thats curry leaf salad for hardcore-herbivores

lip-smacking ghee laden quinoa upma… and thats curry leaf salad for the hardcoreherbivores 🙂

Recipe courtesy: @satish.vanimisetti — Thanks buddy! Its so delicious 🙂

Salad courtesy:  🙂

quinoa upma and curry leaf salad for hardcore herbivores

o yeah! hardcore herbivores 🙂

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Jowar Ootappam with Ginger-Jaggery Chutney

Traditional, Delicious and Healthy

Traditional, Delicious and Healthy

జొన్న కలి జొన్నయంబలి జొన్నన్నము జొన్న కూడు జొన్నలె తప్పన్
సున్న సుమీ సన్నన్నము పన్నుగ పలనాటి సీమ ప్రజలందరకున్  – శ్రీనాధుడు(1365-1450)

The above Telugu poem written some 600 years back, stressed the important role played by Jowar (Sorghum) in the Palnadu Region.  Jowar was a mainstream food source back then. It was healthy, inexpensive and so was damn popular in the lower/middle strata of the society.. The sarcastic quip that really excites me though is the subtle comment on Rice.  The poetic exuberance in recommending Jowar (and its various Recipes) stands even more relevant in today’s times..and relevant for everyone of us.

He was my fav great poet, and that was about my fav great cereal and so comes out my heart shouting it loud.

Its just another trendy experiment that turned out to be a delicious treat this morning. And that made me a sumptuous breakfast 🙂 thanks to my wonderful wife 🙂

Preparation is easy and intuitive. Taste is awesome. You know how to prepare Ootappam, just that you use Jowar/Urad combo instead of Rice/Urad.  Don’t forget to go with the ginger-jaggery chutney that complements it all.

So what are you waiting for?

thanks for reading,


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gurajada apparao — దేశమును ప్రేమించుమన్నా .. పూర్తి గేయం.

దేశమును ప్రేమించుమన్నా …
దేశమును ప్రేమించుమన్నా … మంచి అన్నది పెంచుమన్నా
వొట్టి మాటలు కట్టిపెట్టోయి గట్టి మేల్ తలపెట్టవోయి!

పాడిపంటలు పొంగిపొర్లే దారిలో నువు పాటుపడవోయి
తిండికలిగితే కండకలదోయి కండకలవాడేను మనిషోయి!

ఈసురోమని మనుషులుంటే దేశమేగతి బాగుపడునోయి?
జల్దుకొని కళలెల్ల నేర్చుకు దేశి సరుకులు నించవోయి!

పూనుస్పర్థలు విద్యలందే వైరములు వాణిజ్యమందే
వ్యర్థ కలహం పెంచబోకోయి కత్తివైరం కాల్చవోయి!

దేశాభిమానం నాకు కద్దని వట్టి గొప్పలు చెప్పుకోకోయి
పూని ఏదైనాను ఒక మేల్ కూర్చి జనులకు చూపవోయి!

స్వంతలాభం కొంతమానుకు పొరుగువాడికి తోడుపడవోయి
దేశమంటే మట్టి కాదోయి దేశమంటే మనుషులోయి!

చెట్టపట్టాల్ పట్టుకొని దేశస్థులంతా నడువవలెనోయి
అన్నదమ్ముల వలెను జాతులు మతములన్నీ మెలగవలెనోయి!

మతం వేరైతేను ఏమోయి? మనసులొకటై మనుషులుంటే
జాతమన్నది లేచి పెరిగి లోకమున రాణించునోయి!

దేశమనియెడి దొడ్డ వృక్షం ప్రేమలను పూలెత్తవలెనోయి
నరుల చమటను తడిసి మూలం ధనం పంటలు పండవలెనోయి!

ఆకులందున అణగి మణగీ కవిత కోయిల పలకవలెనోయి
పలుకులను విని దేశమందభిమానములు మొలకెత్తవలెనోయి!

— గురజాడ అప్పారావు (౧౯౧౦)

— gurajada apparao (1910)

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