Experiment :: 30 days of my “Social absence”

It may sound crazy or silly, but yes it happened to me.

I was “connected” too much and it started suffocating me with overwhelming flow of incoming messages.

In the age of facebook, whatsapp, hipchat, snapchat, slack, linkedin and google+, its easy to grow your online circles , start liking groups of your interest, subscribe to the endless RSS feeds of choice and bury yourself with tons of data.  I never thought social networking can be so suffocating.  And you know what? I am not a “power user” of these networks. Just a normal guy with usual circles and casual interactions.. And if I experienced such a flood of data, I can image what happens to people with thousands of friends and hundreds of groups.. My phone was vibrating almost all the time 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So I thought I should take a break.

I deleted all my social network accounts and went into online-oblivion.. for 30 days.

And not surprisingly, not many noticed my absence.  As I said, I am not a power user. Few might have frowned at seeing me go, but you know people dropping out accidentally is so common so they just ignored.  One friend has gone to an extent to drag me into one group so badly that he added another ‘balu’ in his contacts ( I don’t blame him, no one remembers phone numbers any more).

Thats all. Nothing much. That PROVED one thing very clearly.

My absence doesn’t really matter much.

All that constant flow of incoming messages that gave me an immense sense of belonging, all the phone vibrations that demanded my attention and gave me a false feeling of importance, all that hype around an illusory possessiveness that cared so much to notify me of so many happenings… all that everything washed off… in 30 days.

Now, I came back and activated all my accounts silently. I now know the core circles where I actually belong. I will see how many people will actually read this and care to add me back to the groups because my number is now active.  Lets just wait and see :):p

And hey, what happened in these 30 days? what did I do productively in the absence of a constant stream of connectivity? Thats suspense for now .. and thats the concept of my next post 🙂

Thanks for reading. I encourage you to do the same experiment and realize your true connections and also use that time to realize and prove your true potential, because you won’t have as many distractions.

Happy experimenting.


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mistakes made me

mistakes made me wise :)

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నాలాంటి సామాన్య ప్రజలకి అంకితం (A half minute gripe)

Not to sound philosophical, I started to dislike getting stuck in an endless routine.. And what better time than a weekend to vent your gripe?

Contrary to the Karmic philosophy which says a soul takes multiple births based on its bad deeds, I strongly believe the next birth, if at all, is given only to people who do good things here… If you are of the types sung in this folk, you won’t get a chance to be here again… Enjoy this half-minute song:


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real time lessons

Daddy is painting after a long time 🙂 and his brief 5-minute lesson on drawing real time objects looks overly simple on paper but kids picked it up quickly and they even started drawing objects that are NOT displayed… If only you appreciate how difficult it is to imagine something in your mind and put it on paper whether its a painting or a write-up that you will spend those 5 minutes with your kids and give them a certain opportunity to open a new door in their minds 🙂

Its never too early to buy them easels..

Daddy's real-time-drawing lesson

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small talk


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Time Machine – do you want to relive life?

I don’t want to go back in time and relive my life making different choices than that made me what I am today.

You may wonder why. If you can go back in time, you can consciously avoid the mistakes you did, you can make better choices, end up in a better position, so why not? Haha, thats where I am different. Its not that my life was/is filled with roses.

But still, I somehow like the way I have gone thru it all. I liked that pain in the ass. I liked those pleasures on the beach. I loved everyone who touched my heart. I admire the people who loved me in spite of my short comings. Looking back now, I started loving those who ever even hated me.

Wow. It was and is a wonderful life you know. If I go back and change at least a minutest of those things, then this entire path will differ and I may never get to see those flowers I have already seen, those cute faces, those sunsets and sunrises, those seashores and valleys, those daemons in the dark alleys, those few successes and the many failures, those wonderful strangers I have met in the remotest of places and the thoughts we have shared, those unbelievably nice men who are otherwise so unnoticeably common but are angels from my tiny past.. oh! They are what all made me what I am today. I can be grateful to them only by not reliving in a different way. So, I don’t want a Time Machine. No, thanks.

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serious life lessons from my chessboard

I bet you can’t ignore these wits of wisdom from a simple board comprising of 2 teams, 6 unique characters and 64 alternating squares of color giving us an uncomprehending list of possibilities.

1. whatever happens, what’s next?

ups and downs, fuckups and flowers are all part of life. There is no point in getting bogged down by a setback. Pick your pieces together and take the next step. Don’t lose your heart and hope, until the flag is down 🙂 yes literally until the flag is down. Anything can change for better at any point of time.

2. one man army!

Its not just a phrase from any book. When you half close your eyes and stare at the board for hours at a stretch OR you go out into this concrete jungle and earn your daily bread, its all the same game. You are a one-man-army not fighting with anyone else but your own self.

If you can hear your mind thinking about the hundred possible ways of a win or loss, I am sure it makes you a calmer better person.

It weeds out the random behaviour from your daily routine. You become more and more silent, organized and disciplined as you realize your own limits.

3. patience is a virtue+++

I have to wait for my move.. and even when its my move, i actually have to wait a lot to make it.. If you don’t already know that long hours of wait time can factually burn you from inside, then you are a lucky guy.  Be patient always and believe in the cosmic benevolence. Respect the clock and respect the clock because impatience only insults the rotating hand.

4. you Vs. rest of the world..

This is the classic part of it all and I am not cynical, sardonic or preachy. There is only one you in this world and many a time, you will be left alone fighting your own war. And the whole world may stand against you. That would actually be the moment to prove your mettle. Fight it out with a smile. Rogue relations, sour friends, dumb managers, stupid neighbors, dirty drivers and junk Js are always there around you and will always be. What best you make out of them is what matters in the end.

5. loss is part of life 🙂

Many players have beaten me black and blue. On the board and off too.  I very well understood that I am a mere speck of sand on an endless ocean shore. In fact I have reached a point where I peacefully convinced myself that a loss is part of life. I can’t imagine myself without it. Neither would I be disappointed if I bump into my next ditch.

6. tourney OR a game?!#$

you may lose individual games but life is like an endless tourney. Its ok.. move on.. People won’t recognize you right on the first day first hand shake. You don’t get your dream salary from the very first month.. Dream girls are a myth. Owning a house in California is a mirage.. ;):P Keep going.  Thats the only best thing you can do. And when your flag is down in the end, no one would actually bother about the number of your wins or losses anyway. 😛

Agree? Thanks for reading.


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because maturity

because maturity

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“Quiet Poem”

quiet poem

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నిజంగా బతకటం కోసం

నిజంగా బతకటం కోసం

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Are you a complete man?

If you eff yourself up everyday, then u are already half a man..If you can learn the lesson and vow never to repeat then you are a complete man..

But at least you are better than all the zombies living around who do not even give it a try but cozily live the rest of their lives seldom doing anything ever with their body or mind.. Huh.

Am at least trying!

Am at least trying!

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Are we the last few?

If you find it easier to be passionate than logical, then you are my type.
Welcome to the world of trouble, misunderstanding, denial and rejection… and finally Success!! 🙂

If you wanna soar, its gonna be lonely sure.

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bridge hair cut

Dedicating to all the bridges we have visited in the last week+ 😉 😛

Bixby, Bigsur, Rocky Mountain, Golden Gate, Baylands, Richmond and what not in California.. 🙂

Actually, I like bridges.. because they connect two otherwise separated end points.. they make the travel possible.. and there is so much I can blabber about it philosophically, but not with this pic 😛

my hair.. my likes


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I am a fighter plane

sexy straight lines

I am a fighter plane. I am a bold body and a burning core..

I have taken down the tallest empires.. I had hunted down the fastest birds.. I saw pilots shrieking victory and flying to places.. then I saw some squealing pain and breaking into pieces..

I was alone and in packs when I flew through fire and hurricanes..I burnt my tail quite too often, I nose dived into forests and oceans.. I lost my wings multiple times but never lost my mind even once.

I have scars all over me but they give me peace, pleasure and pride.. I am broken badly but ever ready for a rough ride.. I stand proud and tall, my vision and will never small.. My body can be anywhere but my spirit always looks down at the skies.

I carry cargo now but I am a fighter plane.  And I will be, forever.

// balu

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I better thank these people at least now.. publicly :)

Better late than never and I better thank these people at least now.  This day exactly a decade ago marks an important turn in my life and here are the people who helped me wade through the murky waters and the labyrinthine dungeons.

13My sister Subhadra

The one who has been instrumental in pipping my computer dreams. She gave me a way by actually showing me what to do and how to do…  7,9,0 are just some digits for everyone, but they were a mantra for me at one point of time.  For an already extremely self-driven and self-inspired man like me, imagine what you can do if you pump up tons of inspiration from outside. Thats what was proved later circa 2005.  Thank you very much Sister.  I wouldn’t have been here without you.

My friend Dattu

Oh! I can’t explain what kind of a phenomena he is. A superb marketeer with an extreme vision, he is a relentless example of success. He too had a humble beginning but where he is now and where he is headed to be, is something just short of a miracle that is called human achievement.  The day he reached my place and the moment he started staying with me in that small thatch hut in a remote village, he began changing me for good. Thank you so much ra Dattu. I wouldn’t have been here without you.

My cousin Prabha

An epitome of affection, belief, sensuality and success herself, she was nothing short of persuading me to a new door. Sometimes you feel good if people believe in you blindly and that gives you a lot of strength to go on.  That can perhaps land you in actual success, its blind faith you know. Thank you Prabha. I wouldn’t have been here without you.

My brother Sai

Aah! what can I say about this lover boy?  He was far, he was reserved, he asked little, he spoke little.. But his achievements sublimely kept me going. Man of true grit, talent and determination, he is no doubt the subconscious platform on top of which I have built whatever little I am today. Thank you brother. I wouldn’t have been here without you.

My wife Swarna

Um. Let me start with a big Thank you first, my love. Show me a wife in this world who bought her husband’s vision, eyes closed. Show me a girl under the sun, who walked into darkness and uncertainty just holding her husband’s hand tight. Show me a lady on this earth, who believed in her man’s dreams just as much as hers.  I said I would fly in the air without wings. I said I would walk on the water without gills. I promised her nothing short of an ‘Antilia’ without having a penny in my hand.  I embarrassed her and the world by staying jobless at the nadir of our financial graph.. What not? But she stood there all the time with a smile. With her big eyes wide open, she always looked for my success and prayed for my well being. Thank you again chinnu. I wouldn’t have been here without you. Truly.

And there are many others without whose mention I can’t close this post. From the Teachers who taught me to the Managers who believed in me, its an endless list. But you know, this is not the last post.. I have dedicated plans for each of them 😉 Stay tuned ;):P and thank you too for reading this far and trying to understand what I have gone through.


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